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Ahhh the good ol days...

I remember Goran's old car as posted earlier

Was offered to buy it in swap of my N/A Calais plus some cash.... was tempted... even went for a test drive in it!!! lol... that thing did a MAD skid. I Remember the owner at the time (Tim ???) said it ran on premium, but if you want to up the boost to 26psi, then add 50% tolulene!! hahaha... 2 spd powerglide and all. Had an awsesome instrument cluster with some turbo's bushed on it...

I remember the good ol days of the "exchaser" cruises... I think the last one I attended I still had the N/A Calais and had to split early from Mount Mee....

Plenty of people still hanging round the boards, but I think they become more "readers" than "posters".

I've always wondered what happened to DVS88... had a particularly bad smash in his VL and was in a coma for ages. Anyone got updates what happened with that all??
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