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haha the red car was owned by a dude named Matt who got a bit extreme at Mt Glorious I think, or he was cut off by a truck, I can't remember. I do remember buying the wreck though, and putting heaps of bits on my first VL from it haha good times.
The white calais up there (716 GCD) below 06CAL was owned by's black now and for sale on here...those guys were cool...had a few mad Calais'.
haha I laughed when i saw that purple thing with the fr19's...that's the car that ranga **** used to own hey hahaha funny ****er.
I hear Jet Pilot (Mikey) is recently engaged and still trying to sell his VR haha but I'm not sure.
Has anybody seen or know what the go is with my old calais ?

I haven't seen it since the day I sold it...


also, who gives a **** about my88vl hahaha jks
yeah i also remembered that DVS 86 dude didn't he have a big accident? did anyone ever hear if he ended up recovering alright?
Isn't OGRE like a lawyer now I swear he still has his car haha
Jeffo was the maddest but I guess he got over it...lots of fun stuff happened back in the night ever was ollie losing his license and the airport afterwards I reckon haha driftin the roundabout and side by side off the clockage on lomandra drive...ridiculous lol. what happened to that gold calais with the plates ARN15 or something like that?

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