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Wat happened to the QLD section??

ok so i log on here nearly everyday and have a browse around in the vl turbo section, members section etc

Now i USED to pay a fair bit of attention to the qld section but lately i think it has really gone to ****

I have been a member on here for 5 years or so and in that time things have gone downhill rapidly, EVERYONE used to get along sure enough we would all give each other **** but it was all in good fun...

Ill rattle of a few of the qld names and kinda wonder where they gone to??

Jet Pilot
MY88VL haha
DVS 86
scoota_vlt ( well i know wat happened to him )
Fresh VL
Tempest ( where the **** is grant )
SUS 31 ( i still see him occasionally )

I know people sell cars and move on but seriously some of the early "exchaser" cruise were the best days ive had on this forum!!!

So wat happened??

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