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haha i'm also waiting for that cruise LOL. Just when I thought I had everything sorted it's rooted the gearbox twice, all on less than 200hp, 7psi and 4000rpm haha. I pulled the calais off the road January '07, convinced mum that it would only be in her garage for a couple of weeks max. 18 months later it rolled out :P

I got to the point where nothing really excited me about the car, until the day we managed to fire it up.

Since that day it's just been up and down, really annoying not being able to get that final tune and see what it actually can do!! I thought the delays were all over but it's been 2 months since it started :|

I will be beating up on my car at powercruise! What an awesome event that is going to be! Also can't wait for the next huge VL cruise when everyone is ready. Will be an enjoyable day I'm betting

good luck dude, powercruise is $160 I think if ur keen for the wkend.
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