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My 1986 HDT Improved VL Nitron

Hey Guys,

As most of you know I bought the Nitron out of the Quokka in late March so just thought I'd throw up a few photos and a bit of info about it.

Its a bit of a pig at the moment, the rear needs straightening as there is a slight fold in the boot floor from when it was shunted from behind. The drivers door has a ding in it and the bonnets paint is pretty average. Apart from that it starts and runs great and just needs a lot of cleaning up.

I've found a fair amount of photos of different Nitrons and not one is the same so I'll have to keep looking as I want to restore it to its original state.

Now its just the big decision do I want to just fix it or go all out and pull it apart and then fix it! I'll be getting my VLCT painted first so I'll have a while to decide. Anyway throw up some comments or whatever.


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Awww thanks Oliver

I'm bringing a car full of girls for you as a thank you haha
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