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Originally Posted by Blink

Name: Thomas Michael Richards

Date of Birth: 06 / 11 / 1991

Place of Birth: Ipswich, QLD

Place of Residence: Ipswich, QLD

Occupation: Student

Hobbies and Interests: Cycling & soccer

Strengths: Friendly, outgoing personality

Weaknesses: Too friendly to rivals

Likes: Going on long group rides in summer

Dislikes: Training in winter

Favourite Food: Pasta, pizza

Favourite Drink: Powerade

Favourite TV Show: Tour de France (when it's on), European soccer

Favourite Movie: "Overcoming"

Favourite Song: Better Than Me

Favourite Band: Nickelback

Source: Queensland Academy of Sport.

lol are you a private investgator blink??

lets just tell ur mum we ate the pie
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