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alright boyz..get a load of this


a new rule that is comming in in July is that the 100mm ride height rule is being scrapped (as cars are being produced now that sit lower then 100mm standard). His example was the new Focus which sits 95mm at the front bar

The new mesaurement will be taken from the centre of the front wheel up to bottom or a low section of the gaurd.

The new rule will consist of two figures that will be produced my the manufacturer on every single car which will give a high figure and low figure of what they feel the car is safely designed to sit at (so every car will have their own figure, not just a different number for each company)

The measurement that is taken from the centre of the wheel to the bottom of the gaurd MUST be within these two numbers given my the manufacturer or the car will be considered unroadworthy, either too low or too high
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