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Aussie Discount Mufflers on Port Rd, pretty cheap prices and awesome service, always willing to adjust things they do afterwards free of charge, Best Head Jobs (i think the name is) LOL seriously for head work, speak to Blake from memory you can get some awesome head work done for cheap cash price, A+K universal torque converters in Welland, cheap cash prices - the blokes been in the business for 30 years, he knows his stuff. Rowell and Searle transmissions in Kings court city, got my trans rebuilt + shift kit for 950, originally 1450 (cash price). SA diff services? on Obrien St city, speak to Tim or Craig, more so Tim. Good prices and excellent work. Also Auto Carburettor Services on Norfolk Rd Marion, the bloke to speak to is Alan, been in the business and knows his stuff. Instrument place on the Parade Norwood, the bloke once wrote me a letter saying my speedo might be out (used to be bouncy) wich got me out of a fine hehe. Thats all for now but as I remember I'll keep posted.
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