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Urgh, i've had a read through the Bulletin 3, and sounds annoying to bring a vehicle from interstate and register it here. Reading the transport SA website, quote -

"Unless you hold a current interstate registration certificate in exactly the same name as the intended South Australian registration, the vehicle must undergo an identity inspection to confirm the correct identity of the vehicle" source - http://

Now, im assuming these vehicles will be checked not only for identity, but if they look modified, they will also be checked that they comply with SA's ADR's as well. Which pretty much rules out, bringing any modded VL to SA.

"No alterations to the engine’s camshaft, inlet manifold, carburettor/fuel injectors, air cleaner or catalytic
converter are permitted"

Has anyone tried to register a modded VL they have bought in from another state? and if so, did you have to go through a full inspection?
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