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8 New Reader's Rides

As per usual a large portion of cars were unfortunately rejected because they didn't contain a) any pictures or b) any decent information about the car. Better luck next time.

No VL Turbo's this round

Other VL's
bewsh's very own VL Calais S2!!! (Finally!)
BlueV8 VL's V8 VL and he wants you to take a look

Other Rides
Maztrix's 1984 series 3 Mazda RX-7
tempa's VH SLX V8 [WORKD8]
AirStrike's 91' VN SS with 162rwkw [AGRSSV]
Jorg's 1973 10a rx3 [EVL-300]
GMMAD's's Vx Ss M6

Thanks to those who submitted their cars!
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