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Originally Posted by VLT_RB30
1 Jan 07............more laws to come in Jul 07

Ever noticed nothing is getting fixed in this country, yet we keep getting more and more laws...

i hate to get political on this site but if we re-elect the same federal goverment again were all stuff,

this country over the last 2 years is getting worse and worse, laws out the ass fines out the ass bills through the roof, and now they want us to get payed less, soon enough we wont have money to spend on nice cars anyways.

only the rich getting even richer will.

but back to the topic, so all the hwy and fwy's are limited now ? and whats the new limit on all of them ? and what new law's do they want to bring in ?

probly if your cought farting in your car while driveing it'll be 3 points and 600 buck fine
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