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Nt Speed Derestriction Under Serious Threat!

I'm inserting this post around motoring forums to alert interested road users, particularly those in the NT.

Whilst I personally support the introduction of a rural default speed restriction for NT, it must be made 'quite clear' to MP's, that the adopted rural default NOT be applied on roads to which a speed derestriction sign is posted.

This means NT can then have BOTH a 'rural default speed restriction' AND 'speed derestriction allowance' as it applies right now, but only to a specific length of road, that is, where it is posted.

The speed derestriction sign (//) is an international road traffic sign, it's meaning in the UN Convention on Road Traffic, Road Signs and Signals "END OF ALL LOCAL PROHIBITIONS IMPOSED ON MOVING VEHICLES", hardly 'default speed limit', or 'speed limit 90, 100, 110km/h'.

SHOULD NT residents wish to retain the speed derestriction allowance, I SERIOUSLY advise you to CONTACT your local MP, see links below:

Let them know if you support a rural default or not, BUT ALSO - let them know to KEEP the speed derestriction sign, should a rural default arrive, so it can then be used on NT''s safest lengths of road.

MAKE THE EFFORT, or lose forever your right to drive 'safely' - unhindered, at speeds above 100km/h.




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