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Originally Posted by PHS
hey guys,
i just wanted to know a few things
1. i read in a commodore mag a while ago, years ago even cant remember but it had an artical where hsv take some of there cars to the NT for testing a hwy where theres no speed limit do any of you's know which hwy it is?

2. driving from VIC or SA to darwin is it dangerous like all the locals where u stop to stay and get petrol on the way on the really long hwys when your driveing a nice car ?
The NT hwy's bar the Lassiter hwy are unrestricted but you have to watch out for the towns and be careful of the wild life. Think carefully before going over board and sitting on 250 or something crazy... 160 is more then enough. Imagine what would happen if you blew a tyre....

As for fuel.... work out your km per litre rate and then check on a map to how far you can travel before needing to refuel...

Other then that, yeah no speed limits on the open highway...
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