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wepnvl 23-01-07 19:01

has any1 seen a bt1 in darwin area
hey all you guys an girls in darwin just wanting to no if any1 has seen a yellow bt1 with calais front an yellow leather trim getting around up there as this used to be my old bt1 the owner's name was justin "i think" he bought it from me about 4 months ago. the reason i ask is just want to no how the car is going atm an if he has done any more mods to since he bought it off me. the reason im posting this thread up is i lost his mob number a while ago when i went to give him a buzz so if you are on hear or you no the car any pics or updates would be good just to see how my old baby is going....... if ya have info on this car just pm me if u want or post hear an i will check from time to time THANKS GUYS

poohkies 05-02-07 16:27

seen it 4 times

last time i saw him give it in the when it was a bit whent the back in stepped out a bit and he backed off!

that's the last time i've seen it!

looks flash what's the stats on the car

wepnvl 06-02-07 09:41

about time sum1 replied to this thread
do you no him or no ant1 that no's him by any chance?
specs: it had top mount manifold with t04 external gate, it had rajab plenum.
3in exhaust, front mount, and a full manual jatco 4speed with 2800 stall went pretty good. plus as stated above calais frontend an yellow leather trim.

i will try find a pick an host it up to see if its what you have seen getting around ok thanks heaps for the reply mate talk to ya soon cheers......

poohkies 07-02-07 00:09

Sweet, well let's hope he brings it down the drags!

will keep you updated if i see it!

very flash vl

wepnvl 07-02-07 14:49

cheers man get sum pics if you see it again yaeh it was a pretty flash car an went pretty hard to wish i never sold it but ohwell sh*t happens thanks for the reply dude.

wepnvl 09-02-07 20:33

mate is this what the car ya seen looked like

poohkies 19-02-07 10:00

yeap that's it :) dame flash

wepnvl 20-02-07 18:05

nice mate !any news on the car or the owner let us no cheers buddy

poohkies 07-02-10 20:52

last time i heard a mate was fixing it, was ages ago, multiple head gaskets and i believe a hitting ofa gutter and a crack somewhere!

havn't seen it in over 3 years now

RED30L 08-02-10 19:46

aha i love it, looks mint :)

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