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CRZ16 17-08-03 19:54

12 second LH SLR For Sale ***PICS***
For Sale LH Torana

fully restored and rebuilt.

Full Specs and pics can be found here

MRHELE 17-08-03 20:46

nice lookin ride good luck with the sale

MRHELE 17-08-03 20:47

how much u asking for it anyway

CRZ16 17-08-03 20:52


Open to offers at the moment.

May consider a swap if something interests me

MRHELE 17-08-03 20:54

say like 5-8 grand mark

CRZ16 17-08-03 20:57

I doubt i will get much interest on here, but just thought i'd try. all running gear is less than 13 000 kms old. and it is engineered.

Bullet 17-08-03 21:07

Ballpark price and what are you looking to swap, car ? wagon ? ute ?

CRZ16 17-08-03 21:14

I was looking at offers over 8k, considering how much has been spent on it.

would consider, swap for a vlt.

stuggers 18-08-03 13:43

if only u werent N.S.W

CRZ16 27-08-03 22:47


Bullet 27-08-03 23:06


Originally Posted by SD Computers

Check your PM's

shawry 29-10-03 11:38

haha this heapa doesnt do 12's maybe a low 16 if it even went. i wanna race u with my car so when ya heaps finally starts then warms up lets have a race.

666god 29-10-03 13:13


haha this heapa doesnt do 12's maybe a low 16 if it even went. i wanna race u with my car so when ya heaps finally starts then warms up lets have a race.
dude, what's the point of gay posts like that? it's a for sale add, not a bag someones car add... idiot :confused: :mad:

_infinity 29-10-03 13:35

if a vl NA can do 16's then what would a workd 308 with a holley 750 be running? yes 12's sound very low for whats listed but you never kno.. what fuel was used? slicks?

do u have a time slip avaliable?

Good looking car there and seams to have had the money spent in all the right places, good luck with the sale!

Jeffo 29-10-03 14:53

i thought u sold this car doug.

LJ38L 29-10-03 16:43

slap it on the torana forums for sale

CRZ16 30-11-03 10:44


EEVL2 30-11-03 14:14

Well this would have to be well priced...offers over 8k. Remembering this dose 12 seconds....

VLT87 has a VLT for offers over 20k and dose 1 second faster. 11 seconds.

Good luck with the sale. Atleast you have a relistic price on the car...........

BOOSTN_06 30-11-03 19:21

fellas this car is an absolute weapon. theres no doubt in my mind that this thing runs 12s. one of the best looking and tuffest 308/304s around. should sell easy for 9k. good luk with it dougery. ;)

metal_mulisha_troop 30-11-03 20:33

yer this car is sooooo clean and sounds bull**** its a steal for 9k real head turner

MRHELE 30-11-03 22:34

pm sent

MRHELE 01-12-03 00:06

dude wat size convert is it packing

Spike 01-12-03 00:27


Originally Posted by SD Computers
For Sale LH Torana

fully restored and rebuilt.

Full Specs and pics can be found here

This is a sweet car dude. Good luck with the sale. :cool:

P.S. Here's a free bump ;)

BOOSTnWGn 01-12-03 08:52

Guys this thing is a monster.
Eats the wagon for lunch, and I spent 14k. You do the maths.
I've been in it and i couldn't hold onto the door handles hard enough !!!
Not just saying this cause I know the seller. I'm saying it cause I love the car and as much as I would love doug to join the VLT crew I would hate to see the Torry go.
Bargains gallore.


BOOSTnWGn 01-12-03 09:17

Doug you idiot, you've only listed like half the ****ing mods. You didn't even mention the cam man. This car is the lumpiest thing I have ever heard. If only you could put a sample of the sound of the car on the net it would have been sold weeks ago.
Beside stroker kit there is basically nothing left to be done to this 304. How about you find the rest of the specs doug you lazy nerd. Cam crind, rods, valves, bearings, etc.
You also didn't metion the extractors or the twin 2.5" exhaust

Rydogg 01-12-03 10:26

Oi this car is a machine i was at the beach front at byron doin a little cruze with a mate and i would of seen about 2 alarms go off i have seen heaps of torys around but none as clean and lumpy as this looked like it was goin to chuck a wheelie good luck with sale


MRHELE 01-12-03 20:47

hmmm u havent mentioned how big the converter is??? and doug i am interested in this thing

CRZ16 01-12-03 22:08

Thanks for the comments fellas

MRHELE it has a 3500 stally, if you want a list of the mods PM me. cheers

MRHELE 01-12-03 22:18

pm sent

MRHELE 02-12-03 13:19

dude u have exceded ur storage room in ur pm inbox delete sum msgs
but ill post up the msg i was sending ya
"yer sounds mega sweet dude na its cool no need for an alarm i dnt leave my cars out of my site although the vl does have an alarm central locking no door locks 2 immobiliser and a kill switch :) LOL wat sorta MSD is it is it the 6AL? does it have a seperate coil pack as in a firball or crane coil? and also the torry is she a SLR, L32 or wat spec

REALIST 04-12-03 18:27


Originally Posted by shawry
haha this heapa doesnt do 12's maybe a low 16 if it even went. i wanna race u with my car so when ya heaps finally starts then warms up lets have a race.

You are an idiot.

666god 05-12-03 14:03

lol :D

BOOSTnWGn 06-12-03 11:43

what a loser !!!! :)
Your dying shawry.

metal_mulisha_troop 06-12-03 12:06

ahahah fully shawry u idiot ahahahahaha there killin you bet ur so off it hahahahah not

BOOSTN_06 10-12-03 10:38

Is the beast sold yet doug?

1SIKVL 10-12-03 17:48

is it sold ?

BOOSTN_06 11-12-03 01:55

i talkd to doug today and he said its still 4 sale, but has a really keen buyer. luky ******* whoever that is

ORIG86_VLCT 14-12-03 23:58

Probably does do 12's, my friends SLR 5000 has a 333 Stroker with a 4 barrel 650 double pumper Holley, Edelbrock Manifold, 500hp flowing pontiac cylinder heads, extractors and twin exhausts, and man this thing is capeable of 11's. Which I would not be surprised if this SLR does 12's. I mean we have draged GTS's, SS's and all the new Holden and HSV range and given them a head start, and then still beat them.

Never under-estimate a Torana, they are a lot faster than you'd think, and a lot faster than quiet a few VL's even a few Turbo VL's, (Not paying out VL's though of course!) :)

$9,000 for a mint Torana is cheep as, Torana's are always Cheep, good value for money if speed is your thing.

Anyway, good luck with sale mate, this is a good car people. Purchase away...:)

metal_mulisha_troop 15-12-03 17:39

man this isnt just a good car its one of the best torrys around u gotta see it in the flesh to apprtiate the detail
someone go have a look aat it and check the engine bay out its bul****

Nitr0 17-12-03 23:03

surely you jest MRHELE and mean L34? Sweet car SD Computers, almost as fast as my SL/R 5000 lookalike! and i sold that thing for $5k after i blew the 9"!!!

Bump for luck!! These cars suck the money down like no other and aint worth **** afterwards. (like most other cars i guess!)

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