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Keepleft 11-09-06 21:51

Nt Speed Derestriction Under Serious Threat!
I'm inserting this post around motoring forums to alert interested road users, particularly those in the NT.

Whilst I personally support the introduction of a rural default speed restriction for NT, it must be made 'quite clear' to MP's, that the adopted rural default NOT be applied on roads to which a speed derestriction sign is posted.

This means NT can then have BOTH a 'rural default speed restriction' AND 'speed derestriction allowance' as it applies right now, but only to a specific length of road, that is, where it is posted.

The speed derestriction sign (//) is an international road traffic sign, it's meaning in the UN Convention on Road Traffic, Road Signs and Signals "END OF ALL LOCAL PROHIBITIONS IMPOSED ON MOVING VEHICLES", hardly 'default speed limit', or 'speed limit 90, 100, 110km/h'.

SHOULD NT residents wish to retain the speed derestriction allowance, I SERIOUSLY advise you to CONTACT your local MP, see links below:

Let them know if you support a rural default or not, BUT ALSO - let them know to KEEP the speed derestriction sign, should a rural default arrive, so it can then be used on NT''s safest lengths of road.

MAKE THE EFFORT, or lose forever your right to drive 'safely' - unhindered, at speeds above 100km/h.





poohkies 12-09-06 09:39

Dude, who are u, u have posted in nearly every forum in the world

Keepleft 16-09-06 13:29


Originally Posted by poohkies
Dude, who are u, u have posted in nearly every forum in the world

I am a motorist's advocate' Poohkies, I deal with many road related issues - funding, standards, guidelines etc.

Ellastyle 20-09-06 21:28

well i think hes a noob.

and im off to enjoy a blat on our speed derestricted zone,

enjoy 110 keepleft.

E-Z 12-01-07 10:11

lol this is the top post in the NT thread hahahahaha so gay :S

GSX-R 600 16-01-07 18:37

Vote Jodeen Carney & maby we will get our open roads back, dam i hope so. i just bought a fast sports bike that does 130k in 3rd gear, easy, i could probably do it in 2nd, dam clair, i needed that sh1t, ive invested thousands on riding gear, the helmet alone cost me $600, then theres the METAL defensive rider training, over $500, wicked $300 tyre on the rear & thats before i mention the $10k bike on which i pay $600 rego per year.

Trblmker 17-01-07 09:15

^^Going to post this anywhere else??

Maybe we will but doubt it - not enough ppl want to kick out Miss Claire yet

poohkies 05-02-07 16:32

what crack are u on Meg,

every person i know is going to vote against clair,

good i havn't voted for her for years

Trblmker 07-02-07 07:45

I'm not on crack Larsy boy

Think about how many people you know and then think how many of those are out numbered by concerned parents and the elderly.

poohkies 07-02-07 14:16

if parents are dumb enough to think that these rules are going to save there kids then they are as dumb as clare and should have the voting rights removed!

i've never voted labour and never will

Trblmker 07-02-07 19:15

Regardless of how dumb it makes them that is what will be forced down our throats in the weeks before the election

poohkies 08-02-07 15:45

yeap well if that's the case the dumb leading hte dumb then that's what will happen

GSX-R 600 08-03-07 19:20

Simple fact is that Martin should be kicked out because SHE LIED TO US!

suss the truth here

aus880 30-08-07 23:49

an angry aggressive motorcyclist who's done a defensive riding course


aus880 28-07-09 15:41


Originally Posted by poohkies
Dude, who are u, u have posted in nearly every forum in the world

he's someone who can't spell the name of his home area :D

it should read Lake Macquarie

sampo 28-07-09 17:57

blast from the past russ

poohkies 29-07-09 23:06

yeap i recon, i got excited then thought there was going to be another darwin member, enough to actually make this section exciting!

ANK 29-07-09 23:24

his just reminding people he can be funny

aus880 29-07-09 23:26

and you're bored and stalking me as usual andrew


btw should have been 'he's' not 'his'


Originally Posted by sampo
blast from the past russ

yeh I only found it due to a spammer who bumped it

he's gone...............


Originally Posted by poohkies
yeap i recon, i got excited then thought there was going to be another darwin member, enough to actually make this section exciting!

Darwin is quality not quantity

it also means less traffic

ANK 29-07-09 23:47

listen you goose i saw the link in the tool thread and you no that and if you look at the posts it says xx/xx/07 xx/xx/09 so lick my gouch

aus880 29-07-09 23:49

you ain't a mod so you don't see the 2 posts i deleted

so how about i undelete one now and then wait for your apology

see it now andrew

who is the goose now eh

ANK 29-07-09 23:52

your still the goose cause like you said me or the bloke that added you to the tool thread cant see that so why dont you and your moldy ball sack jog on ?

i told you im not your mate so dont use my name

aus880 29-07-09 23:53

i'll take that as you apology ok andrew

so after all this what ever happened to the speed limit Poohkies ?

poohkies 17-08-09 18:45

nothing ever happened, labour is still in power, but either way it's never going to change :) ****ers for bringing in points and the speed limit

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