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poohkies 16-08-06 16:51

Powercruise in Darwin
Taken from another Forum, but i believe we need to have as much imput as the other forum, I have informed they guy from powercruise about this

we are trying to bring powercruise to darwin at hidden valley for a two day event if you have not heard or seen a powercruise event go to our web site for all the action
if you can help with contacts and have any ideas please let us know

let's make sure we make this event for what powercruise about, and not let people try and use it as marketing tool for there club!

Those of u who know what powercruise is about i don't need to explain, those of u that have no idea, i believe u should go to the nearest video shop and buy vs 1 2 3 4 etc so u can understand!

poohkies 12-01-07 17:27

well it's official :)

Trblmker 12-01-07 19:36

copy cat :p

poohkies 19-02-07 17:12

WEll this is happeneing people

please let everyone know,

Aly 04-03-07 00:39

yea boy alys posting

poohkies 10-04-07 17:33

well the event was great, first powercruise in darwin, so can only get bigger and better

here's a pic, there are heaps on

LoUdmoUth 22-01-08 15:50

Hey Guys...

The Powercruise Road Train is headed back to Darwin again soon for the second ever Supercheap Auto Powercruise #13. Held at Hidden Valley Raceway on April 26th & 27th 2008, this one will go off for sure now that the people of the NT know how to party Powercruise style!!

Powercruise Cruising Sessions
Off-Street Racing
Dyno Shootout
Show and Go Awards
Miss Powercruise

Loaded aboard the Powercruise Road Train is Gup's 1273hp ELVIS HQ, Theo Woollett's 8 second "On Edge" Nissan Skyline, Joe Pagano's "IMXITD" Blown Commodore Ute, Ryan Pearson's "RYNO" Blown Torana & Bluey Arnold's 8 second Blown and Injected HQ.

Checkout "The Bet" between Gup and Theo...

poohkies 11-03-08 11:56

entered, and currently rebuilding my car :) nothing like pushing the limits

import_nt 29-03-10 18:54

i think im ganna enter the burnout comp :D

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