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4BangN 25-04-06 15:58

Guard Rolling
just a quick question.

wondering how much it costs to get guards rolled, as i have just put 17's on my car and they are scrubbing out occasionally. any ideas to prices ?? and where to get it done.


SilvaWags 25-04-06 16:37

buy an ajustable pan hard rod. Does it only scrub on one side? You shouldnt be scrubbing with tiny 17's unless you have a really **** offset. Cos plenty of people run 19's and 20's no probs.

if it still scrubs just do it yourself with a rubber/plastic hammer and a tea towel or simular, then you have no worries when the guy at the shop says 'oh ****... sorry I cracked your paint'. Not too many places like doing it for that reason. But I think that wheel shop near asply maccas does it. Not sure how much.

4BangN 25-04-06 20:08

how much is an adjustable pan hard rod then ?? and usually it is only 1 side , but sometimes both

Antho 25-04-06 22:41

Most lowered VL's scrub on the driver's side, probably because of the suspension geometry of the rear. I had 16" Walky's on my calais turbo and it was just way too low.. I mean illegally low, so it used to scrub like a mofo. Had a proper adjustable panhard rod and it still scubbed like anything.. had the gaurds rolled properly as well and that got rid of it a bit but still not completely.

My most recent calais has 17's and scrubs occasionaly on the driver's side, but no rolled gaurds and nowhere near as low. So... I reckon rolling the gaurds will eliminate it for sure.

But.. in hindsight if your car is really low.. I mean REALLY low like my old one was, theres no way to get around it scrubbing.. especially with people in the back. Going by your avatar your car is getting close to being really low.

aquabat 25-04-06 22:46

Mate roll the guards yourself it really is a very simple job. Just use a rubber mallet and take your time, don't go hardcore on it.

My car has 18's and it doesn't scrub (I haven't rolled the guards either) but I put the 18's on my brothers car for a while and they were scrubbing like there was no tomoroe so straight up we had to roll his guards. I find that wierd.

Forgot to mention the car also sits on superlow king springs, and my brothers sits on God knows what but his is higher then mine.

QLDCAL 25-04-06 23:00

I have 18's on mine, 235's, rolled guards and panhard rod and she sits pretty low, just over all four wheels normally. Get a full car and she scrubs on passenger side back and front. Pain in the ass. Used to have 17's with same set up, 225's, never scrubbed. Ever.

4BangN 26-04-06 20:57

thanks heaps guys , um yea its usually just my side at rear, also i have superlows alround however you probably couldnt tell because it sits with its a$$ an inche higher then the front , (looks like di(k) yea im getting guards rolled properly and cheap so we will soon see if it still scrubs.

thanks again

VLT_Wagon88 27-04-06 07:34

So you've already got an adjustable panhard rod? If you haven't you'd be mad to just roll the guards when you can fix the 'cause' of the problem by correcting your rear suspension.

When you lower any car with a live axle rear, the load on the panhard rod is shifted. The result is the whole ass end shifting off centre, once correctioned it'll track better in a straight line and steering response will be better as the rear is actually following the front end like it should......don't **** around with rolling the gaurds unless you've still got problems after fitting the adjustable panhard rod.

LukeVL 27-04-06 16:27

I have 16" wheels that scrub. Purely because performance wheels can't design a rim to save themselves. Simmons don't scrub because they are a good wheel. Pretty basic to get the offset right on rims but people in this industry aren't always the sharpest.
Roll your guards, make sure you have a corretly adjusted panhard bar and if the wheels scrub get a different set.

korey 06-10-14 21:18

Hi guys I am renting out a guard rolling machine and a heat gun for $60 a day located in Pakenham 0432614863

Antho 07-10-14 21:01

You do realise this is the QLD section and you're about 8 years too late...

79MKB 08-10-14 08:07


choco 08-10-14 21:26

I like this.

251NFL 10-10-14 19:42


AVG45 15-11-14 10:27

Renting it out interstate for the big bucks. It's only $30 a day in Vic.


OBT100 15-11-14 18:59

He has also nailed it with that bonnet scoop:rolleyes:

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