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Blink 15-09-05 14:11

Spotted (SA)
If youve spotted a Calais driving around, or a member Write it up here
Post General Areas (Eg, Glenelg, Brighton Road, Etc)
Do not post cars that you see in car parks everyday etc
We do not want to give people who want to take our cars ideas on where to get us.

Any off-topic threads will be deleted.

The "organise SA" thread is here for your other general needs....

BT 01-02-06 22:50

i spotted a vlct in seaford today it was silver :p

BT 01-02-06 23:49

spotted vlct in my drive way in peices :(

Blink 02-02-06 17:29

Its amazing, cant even remember typing this thread Gav ;)

Only seen povo VL's lately :(

Sucks being at work. And Darren is a fag and doesnt drive the VL to work :(

spirit77 02-02-06 20:13

Didnt take long for this thread to go off-topic

Jeffo_vlt 03-02-06 00:43

doest help with posts like that steve, only lures other people into replying... wait a minute :p

Back on topic, spotted- a different white vl calais up here in the hills at the shell servo stirling yesterday, anyone on here own it?

BT 03-02-06 00:58

nope not me :)

saw a white one today in town (vlct) looked good :)

Beserker 03-02-06 12:30

Saw a maroon vlt with a small vent in the left side of the hood driving on Main North Rd.

V8 ETA 04-02-06 12:53

spotted MR VLT near the bay yesterday

also spotted a vlt not sure of the numberplate coz it was too far to see but i think it was something like **vl86, lightish blue colour, crossing over main nth rd.

Maz :D

NORTI 05-02-06 08:38

Spotted last nite BURST - damn that stezza is nice... ;) & OMFG ya wanna eat with me off the engine bay?
Also Crazy K.... got ya on my phone now Clint.... ;)
Meh prob was more out but I was too busy... ya know with the chatting & being a girl & all. :p


NORTI 05-02-06 08:39

Also blue VL with sum of a walky kit... missing the boot wing.. well part of it lol


NSNPWR 06-02-06 21:15

Spotted BURST today aswell cnr Sth and Bains Rd.

fatvl6 06-02-06 21:21

i spotted a maroon vlct parked on jetty round sunday arvo looked ok needed some work

Blink 06-02-06 21:22


Originally Posted by fatvl6
i spotted a maroon vlct parked on jetty round sunday arvo looked ok needed some work

Sounds like Nino's, but better. HAHAHA

NSNPWR 06-02-06 22:03

LOL. Indeed. I mean SPOTTED..................

BT 06-02-06 22:56


Originally Posted by Blink
Sounds like Nino's, but better. HAHAHA

hahhha matt atleast i have a CAR

Nusk 08-02-06 16:39

spotted today a blue vl calais with a le kit, looks exactly the same as gavs, but has VT SS rims on it. saw it turning onto fitzroy rd aound 7:30ish this morning, looked nice

NORTI 08-02-06 18:12

Spotted... A red/silver VLC - should b put down. The owners that is. As if let a VLC look like that???


spirit77 08-02-06 20:55


Originally Posted by dannc
Spotted... A red/silver VLC - should b put down. The owners that is. As if let a VLC look like that???


Glad u cant see mine atm. Didnt wash it like i do every sunday and waitin for friday for the metro display.

Its covered in dust. A blanket of brown on all top surfaces.

Ow yea and to make this topic related...come to metro cocc display and spot my car :)

BT 13-02-06 13:53

no !^^

spirit77 13-02-06 16:23

A dark blue over silver calais wagon. Was saturday so i dont remember much more than that.

SPRIGZY 13-02-06 16:33

seen keiths wagon turning at maccas on south road bout 4.45 making a decent amout of

GMHVLCT 15-02-06 00:45

spotted a light blue over silver vl calais around the west lakes area...

NORTI 15-02-06 04:43

Spotted... VL with an UGLY :D GTS kit on it.... In my driveway :p Get some door moulds Im tellin ya! Always said it... & Now I have atleast one person to back me up.... hehehehehe



BT 17-02-06 22:53

spotted mr vlt last week down south :p

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