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duz360 14-08-05 12:15

RTA. guidelines on modifying light vehicles

hey guys i found this link. it has some decent info on it.
if you have any other links which detail modifying cars please post them up.
or even copy's of the code of practice,take photos or scan them and post them up. :)
i am going to try and piece together a complete guide of what is and what isnt legal.

david85dc 14-08-05 13:08

good idea duzza

Morgz 14-08-05 15:38

Could it be used as a guideline between states?

I have some engineers down here I can pass on numbers if you like.. any help you need, just ask.

duz360 14-08-05 15:45

each state has different rules though.
searchin online ive found heaps for qld and act but not much for anywhere else.

i might even buy a copy of the code of practice

87calais 14-08-05 21:17

duz360 - theres a lot of useful documents in that section of the rta site, heres the link to the page:

things like guidelines for window tint, wheels and tyres, ADR's etc. Have a look through the list.

GMH-3OL 22-08-05 22:07

Good Resources... :)

orange_vl 15-11-05 16:28

wheel can be any size ya want 13 to 22 inch, as long as the width isnt 2 inch bigger then standard and the offset isnt 1 inch either way wheels also have to travel in the same line as standard

seat belts are ok use high tensile bolts.

brakes have to be bigger or better then vt brakes

blow off valve and wastegate has to be plumbed back

guages on bonnet are ok not sure about chrome cups
blow a balloon up to the dimeter of 165 cm, opke that around the interior,if the balloon doesnt touch your guages they are ok and guages cannot be in line of view

noise has to be under 90db

ride height no lower then 100mm on LOWEST point of car

intercooler is ok

pod filter is ok but has to be mounted or tied down or screwed down

lockdiff or mimidspools are not ok

battery in boot is ok BUT had to be either: vented or sealed unit, e.g no screw things on the top

surge tank not sure of

fuel cell in boot is ok

not sure about MPH speedo

these are the things i went and asked about

RIP_IT 14-10-06 16:21

in nsw cops r now giving fines out 4 defects and even deducting demerit points!!! pods r $200 fine.. a mate with a gtr got done n had 2 pods= $400 fine

Blurr 18-12-06 13:53

Intercoolers are also defectable in NSW. I got a warning Friday night. As it wasn't HOLDEN optional & increases engine performance.

Andy-30L 17-08-07 10:43

thats right, a while ago i got done on a blitz night by the epa (environmental protection agency) and they gave me a $200 fine for my pod and $500 for my exhaust. However it was just a little over 90db... lol

yellow_vl 29-03-08 17:56

bloody politicians

VLL.30L 30-06-08 21:39

Yer Thats helpful but Ive done a hell of alot of internal stuff cammed Up etc.. ive been pulled over and the dumb ass cop only said " Oh must have a miss fire " and that call themselfs high way patrol as well my 19"s at the time were in rolling diameter I dont get it Lucky i gusse if u get a stupied cop hahahah


VLL.30L turbos works on there way here we come twin cam

latiziss 22-05-09 21:58

where do u live man, ur very lucky, a friend of mines standard celica zr got defected and epa notice for a cannon lol

aus880 04-06-11 10:53

the original link to the RTA doesn't work anymore, I'll see if there's a new link and post it up later

RB Onevia 06-07-11 17:20


Originally Posted by aus880 (Post 2766592)
the original link to the RTA doesn't work anymore, I'll see if there's a new link and post it up later

it should be the same as the one 87calais posted up.

theres a few here:

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