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SirGeo 21-12-04 10:08

November/December 2004
Hey Everyone, I know itís late but I wanted to leave it for a bit.

This is just going to be a short letter, if there is anything you really need to know just put it down and Iíll try answer it.

The Server move is 100% complete. Canít say it went off without a hitch, but moving such a big site was a great effort.
Iíd like to personally thank our IT Guru ďplatinumĒ, and highly recommend him and ďHostingPlatinum.comĒ. This site would fall on itís rear end if it werenít for you.

CT an official car club?

We are well on the way to being a fully AOMC (Association Of Motoring Clubs) car club. This will give all club members allot of benefits.
The moderators and I are currently working on what our official name will be and how the club will be organised. And we are working on a Constitution.
Once itís been fully completed Iíll let you guys know whatís happening.

Iíd like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone, have a good time, and remember drink driving is stupid so have a safe one.

Join me in welcoming a few new members:

15min 1/4

Welcome and thanks for helping to support the site guys, i hope you enjoy the lounge ;)

And a special welcome to Phill ;)

Also a quick note to all members, make sure you vote in the annual TOTY award in the members lounge (itís confidential so vote for who you feel really deserves it), voting will end soon and the winner will get their award.


JET-6 21-12-04 23:12

I love TOTY!!!!

OVL087 22-12-04 16:30

uter = toty

good work steveo

LTHLRB 22-12-04 16:37

Steve wheres my name in the welcoming of new members? ahh u dun haveto do it if u cbf

SirGeo 22-12-04 17:53


Originally Posted by Phill
Steve wheres my name in the welcoming of new members? ahh u dun haveto do it if u cbf

Sorry man..

It's up now..

304OVQ 23-12-04 14:41

if you become a car club can we join and get our cars put on club rego?? mmmm $150 a yr rego would be good.

SirGeo 23-12-04 14:51

Your car must be over 25yrs old to get that... we still have about 6-7 years till we can apply for that.

But,technically if we become part of the AOMC I or someone i nominate in the club can write RWC for cars that would generally fail due to being over modified, but we think are allright ;) . Although it warns that the club insurance they offer wouldn't cover me or the club if something happened so generally it's not used. And i don't think we will either.

304OVQ 23-12-04 14:56

yea my cars are always old, so it would be ok for me. i dont have a VL....

SirGeo 23-12-04 14:59

not sure what the go is going to be with non-VL's as we have to be preety specific in what cars are part of the "club".. I'll have to ask them about that.

304OVQ 23-12-04 15:14

make it a holden car club that way any holdens can join...

ILLUSIV 30-12-04 11:27

No, they can be associate members... We do it all the time in CCCWA. We have all sorts of makes n models as associates, from skylines, RX7's, corolla's, HZ ute etc....

And we have car club plates on cars under 25 years old. Must be different for each state.

RB30-POWER 11-01-05 20:14

This car club thing sounds interesting :)

ijd 17-01-05 11:43

Yea car club rego is good. 167 a year rego for my Plymouth(BIG BLOCK V8) but on the sticker it says "consession for restricted use" so the car can't be used as a daily driver.

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