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SirGeo 04-10-04 12:45

Monthly update time.

Members Cards.
All should nearly be sent out. If you don’t receive them by Friday or Monday next week the latest, let me know. I’ve had a few returned to me, and I’ll be getting in contact with those members shortly to check postal details.

New Forum Style
New layout has been finished. Hope you guys like it. If you can’t see it, simply go the bottom of the forum (main index screen) and there is a “quick style chooser” select “Calais Turbo Version 4”.. it might be a bit slower on the first few selections, but it is (apparently) smaller and should be quicker (especially for the 56k people).
Big thanks to platinum for spending the many hours completing it.

And just a reminder everyone, when buying or selling on the forum, please take the time to check up that user. Check their trader rating (and please if you do sell or buy, take the time to leave a rating.. it’ll help everyone in the long run) for a few more tips have a read through this short thread:

Stats for the moth of October.

We beat our “Most online record” which is now 294 users, on 22-09-04 at 22:39.
We used 98.7gb of bandwidth. (a huge increase from previous months.)
And had 3,372,933 hits.

New members.

Enjoy the members lounge.


wagonshaw 04-10-04 12:59

yeah i like the new look, much classier i reckon. well done.


vlt-dreamer 04-10-04 13:10

good stuff - records keep increasing...

any update on the ct mag???

SirGeo 04-10-04 14:03


Originally Posted by vlt-dreamer
any update on the ct mag???

Still in the "Development" stage, as i said when first mentioned it's going to be a long process.
By the way if anyone has contacts with a printing place, let me know...

When it does get off the ground i'll be looking for a few photographers in different states, and a few keen writers. So keep a lookout in the next few months.

And merchandise is being chosen, just gotta let them know the selection...


OVL087 04-10-04 15:01

hhrrrmmmm i have no card yet

looking good though sir g

Anarchy 04-10-04 15:22

Love the new look! very Very stylish...just what the site needed!

Also Steve - can you check my status, I remember a while ago I was meant to cough up some coin for membership and PM you something, but I cant for the life of me remember if I did?

Cause I want a card! haha

Keep up the good work though! :)

Kingyvl 04-10-04 18:42

New cards are swarve as steve....

Still doin a great job too. And I want some more ct gear, so hurry up! lol


harripidg 04-10-04 20:05

Yeh this new look is *****ing sweet good job dude!!!!

BLK-747 05-10-04 10:31

steve pm me your details so i can pay for my membership etc :)
and also i wouldnt mind being a photographer for the CT mag in melbourne

87calais 05-10-04 10:54

My brother works for a Newspaper , Ill see if he can find out anything on printing for you.

Keep up the good work!!!

vlt-dreamer 05-10-04 12:07

Cheers Stebe - got the new card last night!!!

Awesome card too.

I's throw my hand up to write alongside Mrcins Pics.

Greg :D

VLRB20DET 05-10-04 14:42

Got the new member card yesterday, lookn good, yeah some mercandise would be good, I see now rajab are selling the puffer jackets on their site

LTS-JET 06-10-04 10:16

same here marcin lol we can be the photographers ;) chuck both out beasts in lol .. Oh and steve i recieved the card 2day looks micky mouse ;) lets build on what we have alreadi put together

(new site looks mad)

251NFL 07-10-04 22:53

the cards are wicked!

as far as printing is concerned sirgeo contact boostnwagon

Lazza78 08-10-04 13:50

hey Steve can u pm me ur details again so i can do my membership

Cheers Larry

morepsi 13-10-04 17:24

Looks good

I hate you all... :D

XCTMNT 13-10-04 21:10

awesome stuff sirgeo, the site looks A1 three cheers for you sir

kramer 14-10-04 10:08

well done sirgeo, and a big congrats to platinum for the work he's done on thr site. it looks great! and the bandwidth is getting better too.

Speedy T 14-10-04 21:08

Awsome site SirGeo. You and Platinum are to be congratulated. The new look is soooo much better. Haven't recieved a card yet.

Speedy T 16-10-04 20:15

Hey guys. Just recived my members card. Looks way cool. But I think it has the wrong number. on it. No. 323. I thought this was VLs, not Mazdas. lol Anyways, it is fantastic. Cant wait to meet up with some of you guys on a cruise or something.

quikvl 17-10-04 21:57

yeah a big congrats to all the guys that has helped with this site, its going great.
It looks betta, its faster, there is more things and its just great overall.

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