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TuxedoCal 02-08-18 21:06

Mag wheels edited on VL's or any Holden car of yours here
Good evening everyone.
I have editing capabilities and can sometimes help you see what a particular type of mag wheel will look like from a side on view of your car. I don't have much time to edit and usually check the CT website at night after teatime.
If you post an exact side view picture it makes it easy for me to do the edit. I wont do edits of any cars on angles even if it is slightly off line or skewed it would take me too long to make a good looking edit and I really don't have that much spare time.
Here are some examples of my quick edits:

TuxedoCal 04-08-18 21:40

Silver VL Executive mag wheel edits

---------- Post added 04-08-18 at 21:12 ----------

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TuxedoCal 22-08-18 00:41

More mag wheel edits

ZOO222 25-08-18 09:06

Hey man. Can you shop these rims onto my VL. Thanks


TuxedoCal 25-08-18 20:43

Edits in progress
[QUOTE=ZOO222;3076880]Hey man. Can you shop these rims onto my VL. Thanks


In progress, hopefully have them on this thread tonight :)

---------- Post added 25-08-18 at 23:59 ----------

Sorry it took so long, I'm having computer and internet troubles at the moment.
See what you think of these-

I like the chrome 5 spoke mags but I think your VL already looks killa with the SSV wheels on it :)

---------- Post added 26-08-18 at 00:36 ----------

This is the same one again but with the front mag wheel placed better.
Then followed by some of your original unedited car with different mags.

TuxedoCal 15-10-18 22:01

12maneym - Matts wagon edit
VY GTS wheels edited onto Matt's VLT Berlina wagon as I know he has a set to put on at some stage so I thought I would photoshop them onto his wagon for him to see what it would look like. I think it looks awesome, what do you guys think? :D

---------- Post added 16-10-18 at 20:59 ----------

I quite like the Black and chrome Simmons wheels on Matt's wagon because they match with the black and chrome around the windows, but the other wheels are also interesting options for Matt to consider :cool:

Matt is considering the VX HSV GTS shadow chrome wheels seen here in the first picture:

TuxedoCal 17-10-18 00:00

Grey Simmons wheels on Matt's wagon:

deanoVLCT 18-10-18 00:50

Black Ve Gts for the win

TuxedoCal 01-11-18 19:01

WA VL Calais Weapon
Check out the mag wheel edits on this WA Weapon!!!

TuxedoCal 05-11-18 20:38

WA weapon
The owner of this WA VLC V8 weapon has informed me that he is looking at mini tubbing it next year and putting dished silver FR simmons wheels on it. I have now edited that wheel set up on his car. I think it will be a great upgrade :cool:

---------- Post added 05-11-18 at 21:20 ----------

I've just re tinted the wheels slightly darker so they are not as bright and hopefully blend in with the rest of the car better. You can all be the judge of what picture looks better!!

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