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KALAY 14-06-17 21:58

Niche Fuse rails - need info
Hey guys.

Got all the info i require.

VL_Nick 15-06-17 15:24

email sent

PSI086 15-06-17 16:57

I hope you are planning on reproducing these or something. **** him and his "patent". Be interesting to see if he suddenly comes out of the woodwork. I'm still owed 3 of them

XCHASE 17-06-17 10:42

Following :)

bck2basix 18-06-17 09:35

ive sent you an email mate.

OriginalG 22-06-17 02:52

Does anyone have a new one of these unused or easily removable one? Could easily get these reverse engineered and manufactured in China.

bck2basix 22-06-17 17:44

I've got one second hand sitting in a box waiting on my rebuild

KALAY 27-06-17 18:49

i'm 90% of the way through engineering one.

a few differences with mine though, much better quality fuse holders

bck2basix 27-06-17 19:58

**** yeah! Did you need any other information mate?

KALAY 27-06-17 20:19

i was planning on getting some components for testing this past weekend, however, spent it smoothing the engine bay of a vl.
i'm going to head to jaycar and hopefully get a bit of help with a few questions i have, then take it from there.

going to see a mate tomorrow, and look who he used to engineer his circuit boards...

it is a slow process... but happening

btw, that is a screenshot for earlier last week... been working on it a bit more, and have it looking pretty good.

joe185i 28-06-17 00:10

Take your time and get them right. You will sell these in the hundreds... I'm down for one

KALAY 04-07-17 11:18

quick update.
designs have been sent off to a company that will make the PCB's.
he will go over them in the next couple of days.
updates soon

joe185i 04-07-17 14:28

Good stuff Kalay. Thank you

b1ancardi 04-07-17 15:20

put me down for one.

TRB006 05-07-17 20:57

Well done mate! Will be eagerly following your progress.

MitchVL 06-07-17 09:29

Keen to see how these come along mate!

88wagon 09-07-17 20:51

I'd be keen on one also..

PSI086 10-07-17 12:09

Good stuff. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Steve 10-07-17 13:36

Nice work

skoota 11-07-17 13:22

Awesome! Definitely keen on one.

KALAY 12-07-17 17:29

wow... it seems that people are really keen.

my 5 prototype units will be here in 3 weeks.
however, won't be able to be used, only throwaway units, to see fit of components, and circuitry.

Magnum06 27-07-17 10:36

Nice work. I'd love one of these! LED's incorporated also?

MxPx VL 30-07-17 08:50

Definitely interested, the cars are only getting older and need parts, best of luck getting it up and going!

OriginalG 30-07-17 18:42

Keep it up mate, doing gods work.

KALAY 05-08-17 19:44

Magnum, Yes, LED to show a blown fuse.
there are no engine bay lights, or indicators for bat / acc / ignition (maybe later)

i'm losing my mind waiting for these test units to arrive... they are in the post still...

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