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TheChad 28-01-16 16:46

EOI: My Calais Turbo
Hi all,

Most of you know my car by now. I'll do a proper add in the coming days.
480rwhp on actives dyno, 425rwhp on ovaboost. Very safe BP98 tune.

Running, registered, ready to go.
Full parts list coming shortly.

White/White Nov '87 Calais Turbo. Original "S2" 5-speed Turbo. Interior untouched/uncut. Exterior in excellent condition aside from front bar. LE spoiler kit fitted as a dealer option. Running gear is very strong and meticulously cared for, everything else needed to bring it up to an even better level is either already purchased or planned for. Many, many receipts.

It's looking likely that I'll be moving to Europe for a bit. After that I'm not sure what I'll be doing. I'm no rush to sell nor do I really want to, I would however be happy to let it go to someone who will use it and enjoy it as I intended... for the right price. If it doesn't sell it will go into storage as it currently owes me nothing. Depending what parts come with the car I wouldn't expect to let this go for less than $20k.

Nobody will drive this car apart from me until the full sum of money has changed hands and the paperwork has been filled in. I'll want to see a deposit before I take anyone for a lap.


Psychotik 28-01-16 19:10

Good luck with sales Jack... Definitely a nice rig... Don't sell it... store it away until you come back..

Oliver 30-01-16 13:40

Jack I nearly sold mine when I moved to Europe, so glad I didn't. Put it in storage.

philby 30-01-16 16:36

Store it dude! You will never find a genuine 5 speed calais turbo!
that's mint
I absolutely love the star wheels!
It will probably be worth 50k when you get back!

TheChad 09-03-16 21:12

I've been lazy on this because I'm not really keen to push it for sale. But I would still let this go for the right money. Still thinking around 20k, depending on what extras/wheels go with it.

If anyone is mildly interested I can do a proper writeup on the specs.

vlturbsss 05-05-16 17:32

Hey mate,
I don't know if the Calais turbo is still available but I am interested to know a bit more about the car?

TheChad 06-05-16 14:51

It hasn't sold, I'm still on the fence as to whether I want to sell it which is why I've been lazy with the details. I'll do a list up in the next day or two.

Boostn82 07-05-16 09:49


Originally Posted by TheChad (Post 3069530)
It hasn't sold, I'm still on the fence as to whether I want to sell it which is why I've been lazy with the details. I'll do a list up in the next day or two.

Hey mate very interested
Can u send me more details

Tim747 09-06-16 18:04

PLEASE POST A PIC of your interior particularity the rear of your front seats, thanks!!

Reason being im hunting s2 grey interior and have been told theres a earlier version of it.

TheChad 10-08-16 13:31

Have had a bit of interest around the place and have also carried out some further research.
I figure it's probably not the right time and work is going pretty well at the moment so I don't need to sell it.

It's also an original s2 LW5 calais manual with a very strong driveline package, I was definitely underpricing it.

So with that in mind I won't be putting any effort into selling it, nor do I want to. I'd still entertain serious offers as any owner would, but the original number of 20k wouldn't cut it.


caibs 15-08-16 19:32

Don't think selling this gets you out of buying me a box of exports compadre

---------- Post added 15-08-16 at 17:33 ----------

But also don't sell this

TheChad 17-08-16 14:55

fuuuuu sorry man, I do 100% owe you a block.

VLWAGONIT 19-08-16 13:35


TheChad 24-08-16 12:16

No interest tbh

Swadz 24-08-16 21:20

willing to sell the Regamaster wheels?

TheChad 12-09-16 11:56

nope sorry.

TheChad 05-01-17 18:27

Have had a few messages about this again, so here's the full writeup. Again, not rushing a sale, but if the right offer came up I could probably drag myself away from the car.

A full spec sheet would probably take me a while to write so I'll break it down and if there are extra bits you need let me know:

-S2 White/White Calais Manual Turbo. October 87
-Dealer fitted spoiler kit (LE kit, though not a genuine HDT)
-Grey S2 interior, original sounds system etc, no speakers cut. Interior is used but in good condition aside from centre console top shown wear
-original tape deck etc
-No crash history, original buyer paid $$$ to have protective coatings on everything. still has UV protection on windows but not dark tint
-Largely unmolested body wise, has holes cut for cooler piping in bay and one in boot for fuel/battery wire.
-Looks stock
-Chrome strips and badges all in reasonably good condition
-Plastics in good condition, no cracks in dash
-Venetians (nothing special)
-Front bumper is in poor condition, not an expensive item to change.
-Body in good condition, will need a touchup to be show-spec but it's very clean, no fade etc.
-harness bolts installed for driver behind passenger seat, take out bottom seat and eyes are there, good for swapping in a racing seat (have small one with rail if needed)

-Built motor, forged pistons, H beams, custom grind tx2, ported head etc etc. All good parts and have build sheets somewhere
-7.5L sump, underdriven balancer, dizzy delete. Has AC and PS but AC not hooked up currently
-SPP plenum (huge thing, kind of ugly, best flowing trumpeted plenum and big $$$)
-6boost manifold
-Hi-Flow 66mm front wheel custom 35r 1.06 rear housing. 3/3.5 in dump and exhaust w/ external gate and screamer
-Fabbed airbox for legal reasons, has cover.
-Stainless pipe for all hot and cold side, plumback bov for legality
-Rajab (garrett) cooler, big ****er but best performer available
-Fuse box in glovebox, it's loose currently but all relays are numbered for ordering and tracking
-R33 5spd with direct twin plate clutch, hasn't missed a beat
-28 spline KAAZ LSD with new 3.9s, very solid streetable diff
-Beefed up tailshaft with bigger rear yoke, tailshaft loops etc for racing

-Microtech LT16s with bigger map + hand controller
-twin 044s in boot with surge tank, walbro 400hp lift pump
-750cc injectors for BP98
-new larger fuel lines under car.
-coils mounted under plenum, retains CAS but no dizzy obviously
-Tuned for 98 (E85 is rare where I live)
-Tune for 2step, run via switch and controlled by handbrake light relay (hold up handbrake with switch on for antilag launch)

-FE2 suspension (old and tired, see spares list)
-33GTST 4pot fronts on 330mm rotors
-standard 1pot rears (see spares)
-VS/X master/booster combo upgrade
-adjustable panhard bar
-regamaster wheels (rare and very light)
-235/35r17 federal RSR street semis

There's much more to list, there's so many things I have yet to put on and tidy up. All supporting mods are with high quality professional parts. Speedflow used extensively in the fuel system.

-Front coilovers, adjustable but can't remember to what degree
-new rear shocks, springs not ordered yet as hadn't decided on rate
-31 spline drag diff, missing full spool ($270) to be built.
-90L VNss Fuel tank plus all bits to bolt in
-Calais wheels
-GTST twin pot rear calipers
-Spare block (rusty and needs a bore)
-Boot carpets (currently not installed)
-Old sparco racing seat with VL rail adapted to suit, may suit new sparco seats too
-Original Calais wheels
-Set of 17" VX HBD wheels
-Pair of 15x7 CSA rims with 235 MT ET streets hardly used.
-Lots more general small bits and pieces.

Things that need doing/tidying:
-Bay is "messy", it's all functional and all there, but things can be deleted
-Would like to get an undercar surge and move the battery to wheel well so I can clean up the boot and re-install boot lining.
-Lay out fuze box nicely
-Tune for better fuel!
-Replace front bumper etc
-Broken aerial

It makes 425HP on one dyno and 480 on another, 425 is known to be very conservative in perth (ovaboost). That's on pump BP98 23PSI. Tune is very fat, ~10AFR from memory all through the range. I like safety. Low boost is 17PSI and that's in the mid to high 300s and that's all I use on the street, it's too powerful. I've run 120mph on 380HP, not sure what it would do with all this extra power.
Power is punchy and manual means the delivery is good.
There's no doubt the car needs a light cleanup, but generally speaking it's very solid, runs nice, looks clean and goes hard. It's barely driven now, it's largely in storage.

I can't give you a figure on what it's cost, partly because it's too hard to add up and I really don't want to think about it.

I don't think I need to express how rare a S2 Manual CT is, especially not with the body in such good condition. This has tasteful mods and more ready to keep it a serious street VL.

trkwpn 20-01-17 10:14

Nice car mate!

Got the same Model White/White 87 Calais turbo. Same trim too!

Very hard to find these days! :)

TheChad 07-03-17 18:47


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