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swathe 15-05-15 08:44

Central QLD members
Hi all,

After years of saying I hated them, yesterday I sold my supercharged VS statesman and picks up a cheap as **** NA VL manual. It's full muzza spec with chromies and lots of stereo and shagged bright green paint. Just going to daily it till early next year where I plan to go either RB26 or LS3.

Anyway, just wondering how many members are around CQ, if any. Would be keen to meet up and go for a cruise etc and so I can start picking people's brains about the VL seeing I know next to nothing about them and will be reading up on them.

Cheers guys

dlp81 17-05-15 08:07

Hey mate I'm in Rocky also, I got a '87 VLCT..

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swathe 17-05-15 14:05


Originally Posted by dlp81 (Post 3062810)
Hey mate I'm in Rocky also, I got a '87 VLCT..

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Oh sweet. I'm totally new to VL's. Just bought a pretty rough NA 86 5 speed manual I plan to convert to turbo one I sort out it's already existing issues. Let me know if you ever want to catch up some time, I could use all the info and tips I can get haha.

Bax 14-07-15 09:06

Still here. Just haven't touched a VL in about 5 years. There aren't that many getting around town anymore.

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dlp81 14-07-15 20:44

Mines on the road now so you might see it out occasionally.. Number plates are HYP087.. Also there was a 6 litre vl calais on eBay recently, that is now in Rocky !!

dlp81 13-11-15 05:41

Hey lads there is a Facebook page for vl owners in cq if anyone wants to join, it's called CQ VL Owners Group

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