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Vlgun 21-03-15 21:42

been building for 6 years
Im new to this forum didnt do the whole introduction thing but i thought i would post up my build

For a start i had a bt1 which i crashed, well got crashed into but its easy to blame the red p plater

I then purchased a fairly clean calais auto NA and put the turbo motor into that along with a R33 box car got yellow stickered for not having sub tied down in the boot (2012)

car has been sitting for 3 years but the last month progress has ramped up

-Car has been sanded back and ready for priming and paint
-New carpet
-replaced all the broken interior bits
-Re built lsd ready to go in

Motor wise
New head cnc ported over sized valves etc
Camtech 272
acl bearings
Arp everything
Ross forgies with spool rods
cometic head gasket
ICE 7 amp ignition
New oil and water pump
ETM manifold with turbosmart 50mm gate
new plenum
all new fuel rail with big injectors
gt3076R anti surge front housing
EMS 8860

Will post progress and pictures of all the gear in the coming days!

caibs 22-03-15 21:59

yesss. pictures please.

Steve 22-03-15 22:04

Sounds sweet yeah get some pics

TheChad 23-03-15 14:47

+1 for pictures. Sounds like it's heading in a good direction.

philby 23-03-15 15:35

+2 for pics of both cars!

Vlgun 25-03-15 21:22

Car as it looks atm will put up better pictures once it is painted going to put an NA in it for the moment to license it and drive it around for a bit while i sort out the other motor

Some of the goodies
New rubbers from rare spares

Mani and gate

Fuel system

Pistons cams etc


And the head

Vlgun 24-04-16 21:55

Car has now passed the pits sorry about the lack of updates the vin number that was entered 7 years ago is different to the one on the comp plate so I have to do a stat dec to get the plates should be on the road this week!

Turbo motor is being put together at the moment money is a bit tight so won't be going in for a while forked out and bought a hyper tune manifold.

Will post some more pictures in the next few days

formula3l 25-04-16 21:09

Where did you get the new head? I'm in the market for one atm

Vlgun 25-04-16 22:22

eBay mate haha was 2k probs a bit pricey

See how it goes!

formula3l 26-04-16 06:52

I've been looking at that one too I need a new head as mines cracked and just to get it fixed and reconditioned is $1000 just wasn't sure on the quality its a lot of money to spend on something you can't see haha

Vlgun 26-04-16 11:53

Looks pretty good had a few guys look at it and said it looks the part

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