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FLY-03L 11-10-14 18:07

VL Cruise - Sumlime Point. Nov 23
VL Sydney Scene CRUISE

Sunday November 23rd

Sublime Point Lookout in Wollongong

No VL descrimination, no matter if youre Turbo, N/A, V8, HDT, HSV, standard or highly modified, BRING IT! Lets make use of this warm weather for a sunday drive.


Meeting Point

Moorebank Sports Club on Heathcote Road


10:30 arrival for 11:00 leave SHARP

- Massive car park
- 10 minutes from Harrys Liverpool (old VL Meet spot)
- Direct exit and 5 minutes from the M5
- Straight hassle free drive down the coast

Once youre on Heathcote road, you will see netball courts & soccer fields on the left. Turn LEFT into the Sports at the set of lights. You cannot miss it.

The entrance path is drawn in BLUE.

Upon departure, there is a side exit road drawn in RED. This way, all of the cars can leave in unison without being split up because of traffic lights.


Sublime Point Lookout is a down south heading towards Wollongong. Its a direct exit off Princes Hwy to the left. Everyone will be slowing down to pull in so be aware




1. Jarrod - White SL TURBO
2. Stephen - Wagon or Formula
3. Daniel - Rb30 VK
4. Goran MR747
5. Anthony GM6747
6. Sohaib - Maroon VLCT
7. Roni - Red VLT
8.Dylan - gold series 200
9. Ben - blue berlina turbo
10. Phil gold VLCT
11. Tic VLT
13. Markas ..rboon
14. Manuel Maroon VLCT
15. GT Orange berlina turbo
16. Whitney - Purple VLCT
17. James - Maroon VLCT wagon
18. Ben - VL
19. Jra Andrews - Blue VLC 355
20. Les - Blue VLC V8
21. Rob - Light blue VLC V8
22. Nick - White SL
23. Paul - White VLCT
24. Kery - VIL03T
25. Rowan - White VLT berlina red trim t04z 14.3psi e85 new jim berry clutch doesnt even idle
26. Brandon - White VLCT
27. Ari - LOL-30T

GMH-88C 12-10-14 19:17

Dylan - gold series 200
Ben - blue berlina turbo

DJ Mitzi 13-10-14 18:01

Wish I had my calais.. :(

KEBAB_ 14-10-14 12:18

Keen , hope i can make it

philby 14-10-14 14:29

If I haven't sold my car Or I dont forget I'll be there
Phil-Gold VLCT

Tic 14-10-14 20:55

I'll be there, either red or blue vlt, whichever one is running.

MM86VL 18-10-14 16:40

im in as well
red vl calais turbo

ROB2019 19-10-14 09:27

Damn won't be ready :(

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FLY-03L 23-10-14 19:59

BUMP anyone else in

5LEEPR 23-10-14 21:00

Yeah ill be there, maybe 2 more vlct's as well

vl4skids 24-10-14 19:58

Couple of us Canberra boys will be up there, will confirm numbers after I talk to them

TurboVL86 25-10-14 12:52

I'm in

GT Orange berlina turbo

FLY-03L 29-10-14 20:12

The balls really starting to roll... got 25 confirmed. I know theres at least another 25 that havnt commented and will show up haha.

One thing ive learned from organising all the cruises and meetups... plently of people read but stay quiet...
This page has got 1300 hits!!!

Its a flow on effect, the more people that confirm entices more people to confirm themselves aswell.

Got stockers, p platers, calais turbos, 10 second 1/4 mile street cars and 355 strokers alike! lets go!

FLY-03L 09-11-14 19:35

Two weeks away everyones.... cars ready!?

priceysVL 09-11-14 20:00

I'm cutting it fine

FLY-03L 11-11-14 19:49

get keen

disco 18-11-14 16:26

Is this run still going ahead?


FLY-03L 18-11-14 18:03

yes mate 100% !! weather looks clear and have alot of interest

disco 18-11-14 18:53

Cool, think I'll try make this one. :)

fleas 19-11-14 10:29

Just letting you know Temps for Sydney and Wollongong for Sunday will be 36deg and 33deg respectively.

Hope temps change on the day, nothing's written.

FLY-03L 19-11-14 16:02

Warm one but better then rain! cheers fleas

sitn crkd 19-11-14 17:15

anyone coming from newcastle and want to meet up before?

TurboVL86 21-11-14 18:18

So pumped for this

BigM22 21-11-14 19:55

If only I was in NSW :(

priceysVL 21-11-14 20:20

I assume their will be a few people taking photos with high quality cameras ?

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