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Woggster 08-09-14 14:28

Bringing a modified car from interstate - Help Plz
I am looking at buying a modified car (RB26 GTR) from either Victoria or the ACT and was wondering how difficult it would be to get the car regoed in NSW?

I've been weighing up my options and so far it is appearing to be very difficult. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


bluey803 08-09-14 15:19

I had a bloke fly down from sydney and drive my 355 VL Calais back.

Shouldnt be a problem as long as the car can pass the NSW regulations required to register a car (to my knowledge).

I think it will just be the same process as registering a car that is un-registered

BTW was in Melbourne at that time

megaomega 08-09-14 22:43

I bought an unregistered ve ssv from Melbourne
Got a VIC roads permit to drive home (no plates)
Then the car had to get blue slipped, make sure
your receipt for the car is thorough. Easy.

Skinkis 09-09-14 08:57

Bought a few cars interstate, picked up my last Evo in QLD and drove it to WA. It was quite heavily modified.

As said before, you can de-register in the state you buy it, and get a movement permit and drive it back, or you can have it shipped. When you get back to your state, it will have to pass a pit inspection, so anything that stands out as illegal needs to be attended to before.

All I did with my car was get rid of illegal tint, raise the car to legal height, put mesh in front of intercooler, put a cat back in, and a big heatshield over the turbo and wastegate so it didn't look too out of place.

Once it has passed, you can get your plates, and pay the transfer fee and stamp duty etc.

Woggster 09-09-14 12:45

Thanks guys! I'm just a little worried that the car may not pass the inspection in NSW because of the work that is done to it (making 400KW atw)

CYNICL 09-09-14 12:53

I bought my WRX from QLD and had to rego it in NSW. Blue slip, green slip, rego and away you go. With the blueslip, it can depend a lot on where you go. Some places nit pick hard core, for example my friend did the same as me with an E30 318is, and got knocked back from bluey for 5 or 6 minor things. My car passed first go with a 3"TBE (It's a bit of who you know as well...) :) Not a fun week paying for all those though!

Duke57TT 09-09-14 14:19

LOL Sif you can't get a less than legit Bluey from someone.

INFLYT 09-09-14 15:33

You just need to find a blue slip guy that is willing to do it.

I brought up a 9 second XR6 Turbo from Melbourne 8 years ago.

My local friendly blue slip man passed it first go.

MUS 11-09-14 21:34

In Victoria they take photos now. Making it harder to get dodgy rwc.

ant.manic 13-09-14 18:50

I made the mistake in WA of having mine inspected to get a work order before making the changes. Then I had to get an engineer report and permits for everything. Engineer was great though, and also gave me extra permits for future mods like a VT brake upgrade and 9" diff even a sunroof permit (wtf as if I would chop my roof LOL)

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