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1gz-vlc 08-04-14 15:07

86 madeira/champagne v12 calais
Hi all,

Figured i'd start my build thread so here goes...

From what I know it will be the first V12 holden/commodore/VL in Australia

As i'm probably right in thinking everyone will want to know WTF this block of snot is that will call home to my calais in the not too distant future well some may have heard of it and some probably haven't....
5 litres of alloy quad overhead cam VVTI v12 from a toyota Century or better known as a 1GZ-FE (google it)
(Bore is 81 mm and stroke is 80.8 mm, with a compression ratio of 10.5:1. Official output as per Japanese Manufacturers' Agreement is 206 kW (276 hp) at 5200 rpm although true power output is estimated to be around 230 kW (310 hp). Peak torque of 481 Nm (355 lbfft) is at 4000 rpm with over 400 Nm (300 lbfft) available from as little as 1200 rpm)

Now the motor itself with all the variable length runners and retarded cooling inlet/outlet piping, FBW throttles looks likes Oprah's ass after an NRL footy teams bang train has been through it but i will be ditching most of it for a custom manifold and a general tidy up/ relocation of some ****.
The second thing people will ask is "force fed"?? at this stage i'm unsure, I have done hours of study on the engine internals from the Factory manual which is in Jap and from what very few have done and tried so far.
Now what i've found is that the Rods are the weaklink but... it looks like the rods measure almost identical with if you can believe it B16 honda rods and when i say almost it's miniscule the difference. So perhaps a set of custom manifolds and a set of snails, nothing to big as the car is only a Sunday cruiser so maybe a couple of 2871r-8's or something responsive like that.
Also there has been a lot of speculation that this engine is simply two 1jz's slapped together which isn't the case however i'm hoping that the heads share some sort of commanality with the VVTI 1j so some decent camshaft choice is there.
Controlling this all will be done by a Megasquirt Pro as it is setup for everything this engine has except the FBW throttles which are being ditched anyway.
The trans of choice will be the factory box A342e toyota 4 speed and the main reason is it's the factory setup and these box's can be tricked up hard in fact a friends a340e has been tricked and is taking all 545rwkw and has done for a couple of daily driven years now.

Pics of the engine to follow (BTW i'm bringing in another two from JP if anyone is interested in buying one)

The sled:
86 madeira on champagne with madeira interior calais N/A auto
at the panel shop being prepped for a respray back to how it came the day it was new, the whole thing will be totally stock with a little twist under the bonnet.

I'll update this once i get more done and the engines arrive from japan

as with anything feedback is always nice and before anyone says Why toyota?? well i just want something different to the millions of RB's, strokers and LS's so yeah.

Pics to come


1gz-vlc 05-05-14 21:43

engine pics as they sit

---------- Post added 05-05-14 at 21:44 ----------

Yes it's hideous but all the top **** will be coming off.

CYNICL 05-05-14 22:17

Very interested to see how this turns out. Make sure you keep us up to date!

Good luck, lot of work ahead I'm sure!

1gz-vlc 06-05-14 10:12

You're not wrong there mate lol
will do

1gz-vlc 11-05-14 10:09

So have had the engines factory manual deciphered and after a snappy search it looks like the forgedrods from a honda b16a will fit along with 81mm forged pistons which are pplentiful. Just waiting to hear back from darton in regards to new block sleeves.
Engines should be here at the end of the month then the tear down will begin.

kevspec 11-05-14 10:26

**** how heavy is all that but

1gz-vlc 11-05-14 20:37

Engine weight?
All alloy engine weighs the same as a rb30

CRZY-RB 11-05-14 20:56

awesome to see something different from the rest mate!! looks like a very wide motor tho!
how do you think she will fit in the bay, clearance wise?


SIroller 12-05-14 11:16

much lighter than an ls1! should be good theres a few guys running these in HK / HQ bodies i believe! maybe speak to castlemaine rod shop see if they have any gearbox bellhousings etc.

1gz-vlc 13-05-14 19:41

It's actually narrower than a 1uz but it's downfall is height however noting that im doing away with the stupidly high intake setup it'll fit easily.
There are guys with this v12 in old kingswoods? As far as I knew there was one in an old liberty which was recently pulled to go into an old cruiser and another in a jzx100.

CRZY-RB 13-05-14 22:00

awesome stuff! keen to see the end result!

keep us posted

1gz-vlc 15-05-14 07:36


Originally Posted by SIroller (Post 3047853)
much lighter than an ls1! should be good theres a few guys running these in HK / HQ bodies i believe! maybe speak to castlemaine rod shop see if they have any gearbox bellhousings etc.

Gunna stick with the v12's A342le auto and get it fingerbanged only cause it's easier and I prefer auto with something like this much more drivable with the torque.

gardna 15-05-14 10:30

i was under the impression that the ls1 is lighter than the rb30, so wont that make this engine heavier than an ls1?


Originally Posted by SIroller (Post 3047853)
much lighter than an ls1! should be good theres a few guys running these in HK / HQ bodies i believe! maybe speak to castlemaine rod shop see if they have any gearbox bellhousings etc.

philby 15-05-14 17:32

Puck yeah! Love something different! I hope to see this thing done and driving around!

MUS 15-05-14 21:16

Interesting! Kudos for doing something different. Wonder how it will sound? Put up some pics of the car.

VL_JOHN 10-07-14 05:42

This is gonna be interesting. I look forward to it.

1gz-vlc 27-07-14 19:11

Quick update,
just finished moving and have done next to nothing, will get stuck into it in the coming weeks.
Cars getting close to being sprayed

MUS 16-08-14 01:56

This thread needs pics!

5spdvl 31-08-14 18:41

This thread needs more of everything.

perthjohn 05-09-14 19:31

Really nice ducati in background of second photo :)

1gz-vlc 24-10-14 16:15

Yeah i know i need pics and they are coming.

Darton sleeves will be here next month, engines stripped and ready for sleeve insertion, cams are nothing like 1jz so they will be getting massaged and refitted with an upgrade valve springs retainers blah blah
Decided on going with the 6spd auto that came in the series two century and will be here shortly.
Cars going to be painted next week and hopefully home on that weekend once i get it and sit the engine in I'll take a few pics and upload.

1gz-vlc 01-11-14 15:38

1gz-vlc 19-11-14 20:56

---------- Post added 19-11-14 at 22:00 ----------

[/COLOR]It's finished at the painters.
Anyone wanting a respray down the south coast nsw hit up garbutts panel & paint absolute magicians.

1gz-vlc 01-12-14 18:20

Right so quick update,

Cars now home and i've managed to clean up all the mess from the painters now i'm chasing Dynamat abd dynaliner, anyone done this with there vl's? i'm wanting to make the thing as quiet inside as possible.

The sleeves and rods are due in Oz around XMAS... absolutely hanging for this phase of the engines assembly.
also considering going with twin 35/40's nice and easy 600hp and i figure why not! a good friend of mine is building the same bottom end as what i'm doing and they're aiming for 900hp so i dont think i'll have issues in that region

1gz-vlc 26-01-15 19:10

Small update, two tone colour combination, very happy with how it's come out.

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