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skavenger 05-03-14 19:22

Video and some pics of my vlt at mallala drift prac!
Never really been active on this forum but thought id share a video and some photos of me from last months mallala drift practice in the vlt! Have a watch and let me know what you think.

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I had a rear bar at the start of the night :/

Psychotik 05-03-14 19:43

Looks like fun! Nice VL haha, looks nice pitty about the rear bumper.

skavenger 05-03-14 20:09

Its bloody good fun cant wait to get back out there! Yeh pitty about bumper i took it off on a tyre stack with a over cooked skando haha

Psychotik 05-03-14 20:11

Awh thats **** haha. Oh well, you should get someone to follow you or something, or put a camera on the outside for videos of you drifting from the outside.

skavenger 05-03-14 20:22

I had a mate filming from the stands but his phone had to be wiped before i could get them off him. Oh well ill get some next time

tzatziki 05-03-14 20:35

good car control...u hav good skill

keep the in car videos coming.

Weezy 06-03-14 16:26


Originally Posted by skavenger (Post 3042804)
Its bloody good fun cant wait to get back out there! Yeh pitty about bumper i took it off on a tyre stack with a over cooked skando haha

If a rear bumper is the only collateral damage the VLT suffered, you should be thankful haha. Looks pretty decent compared to our Holdens/VLT's trying to drift out there.

Been out there in anything else before?

RB-30-ET 06-03-14 16:39

cool... tell us a bit more on how you have the car setup.

skavenger 06-03-14 17:54

Only my 2nd time out mallala both times in the vl. Got away with 0 damage the first time lol i did a track day at tailem last year and car went from a nice streeter to stripped out as soon as i got home

Cars got coilovers i made up for the front and have converted the rear to take heavier coilover springs, hydro handbrake, Whiteline 30mm front sway bar and 22mm rear, tower braces front and rear and just rebushed throughout.

Ceptor86 06-03-14 19:13

Cool vid mate, you gotta get some go pro(s) on that thing. On the rear quarters facing backwards. :-) good to see some one doing this stuff on the track instead of public roads too.

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MitchVL 07-03-14 11:18

Nice video and photos mate, it's good to see a VL drifting... something different!

calaist5 07-03-14 13:59

Cool video, never have really liked drifting.

However after watching this, seems like a vl does a decent effort with the right driver.

skavenger 07-03-14 14:07

Cheers mate had heaps of people coming up to me in the pits they couldnt believe how well it was doing haha shamed alot of jap cars

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