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TuffNaVl 16-09-13 08:13

Powercruise 43
Hey guys this is a video i found on youtube of powercruise 43. Very well done, made the trip from North queensland with two of australia toughest rexs, only beaten by Nitto and the Jw skyline. both pushing out 500kwaw. One i went in ran 137mph on low boost (430kwaw). Both very tough cars, blue one is in at like 45 seconds with an engine bay pic. Anyways very good video

Gives me motivation to start my turbo build already, going to try and make it next year

vanstrien 16-09-13 22:05

oh yeah blake always makes sweet vids :)

heres my videos from pc #43

dougall83 20-09-13 16:50

lol vanstrien @ chop out window and the lane change at same time ha ha ur cars tuff as what hp @wheels bud?

grunter01 20-09-13 18:19


Originally Posted by vanstrien (Post 3029404)

im sure box would have been boiling after that transbrake powerskid. Why does yours take so long to come on? mines the same setup but 26/30 and comes on boost with in 5 seconds no gas...

vanstrien 21-09-13 00:17

haha yeah that was fun destroying a lambo. at pc had 565rwhp but over 1100nm torque :) cause 4L

yeah I know I hadn't tested the new converter on tbrake yet and obviously I stuffed the stall up. its already fixed just waiting for it to arrive from TCE again.

TuffNaVl 21-09-13 09:39


Originally Posted by vanstrien (Post 3029404)

Ill have a look when im uncapped. Im excited for next year. Picking up my NA 87/88 block with oil and water drains on hot side of engine later today. Your vl was pretty awsome, was considering of putting a barra in mine but already made a rough guess on just going 30/30 with the stuff i want which was around 15g

grunter01 21-09-13 15:11

i was so pissed i didnt get to here as i was in sydney for a family thingy... will have my vl out and ready for the next powercruise up here.

dougall83 22-09-13 15:22

oh yeah ur vl got the ford motor? throw some pics up of bay

vanstrien 23-09-13 22:05

Just grab the next zoom magazine due out this week ;)

dougall83 25-09-13 05:59

ha ha good stuff! congrats

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