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un named 10-08-13 20:22

rb30 mercedes.
going through gumtree and came across this. is there a build thread or something around?

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description on the ad.

This vehicle has been fitted with a modified Nissan RB30 engine,
M112 supercharger, w2a intercooler ,
Rb25Turbo gearbox, Mercedes LSD and BIG Mercedes vented brakes with 4 spot calipers on the front.

There is over $15000 of parts put into the car, and many hours of fabrication etc.

Details as follows.

rebuilt complete motor, fully balanced, forged 8.5 : 1 pistons, GTR high volume oil pump, oil resistors for head,

Arp head studs, 4 layer s/s head gasket, 555cc injectors, converted to serpentine belt drive, big bore equal length extractors with 3" system plus twin turbo mufflers,
Ported M112 Eaton supercharger and ported n knife edged large twin butterfly throttle body ( set up from US ford Cobra/lightning),
self draining oil catchment container, computerized EWP electric water pump system,
Haltech E6 computer control, Water to air intercooler with rear radiator/cooling system, Water n methanol injection system,

New sports Bilsteins, big heavier duty sway bars front and rear, heavier duty lowered springs, rear camber adjusters.

The brakes are from an American V8 400E Mercedes.. .. big 4 spots on front a big 2 spot on rear... all discs are 295mm vented.

The LSD and axles are from a Mercedes Cosworth.... 3.27: 1 from memory... rare item in Australia I would guess.

I am selling this as I don't use it much ( I am away 3 weeks out of the month and have 4 cars) and when I do take it for a drive,, it is too much fun to drive............

( read possibility of speeding tickets .....) plus I have bought a much later high performance MB.

Inspections are possible from late wednesday... ( Car is in flagstaff hill area of Adelaide)

There are smaller supercharger pulleys available from the states to increase boost significantly. It could be a street car, or would probably be better as a cheap club racer or similar.


silverbt1 16-08-13 23:22

thats cool

88wagon 18-08-13 09:04

Its got serpentine belt setup to instead of seperate belts that's different..

MUS 22-08-13 14:24

I like it because its different, though i can never understand why people supercharge rb30s instead of using a turbo.

rusty577 23-10-13 09:28

^^ Ah because its different ;) lol

If I was finished my vlt build and had extra cash, Id get this lol defiantly different

Julia_P 09-10-17 22:23

Thank you
I am new here and this is the sort of area of advancement I am interested in since
my father taught me mechanics & electrical fitting for many types of vehicles.

Wonderful to see different approaches, I like the idea of superchargers under some
circumstances as well as turbo chargers whether they are mounted in an engine bay
or further downstream offering other advantages too.
Most interested also in combinations with smaller compact superchargers fed from an
intercooler which is fed by a turbo charger or similar approach.

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