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WhiteExec 18-07-13 16:29

Bullsh!t licencing scheme
I am absolutely fed up with our licencing system and its BS associated with it

I get disqualified for speeding for 45 and over i go to court and they trick me with either i can either get charged with speeding or dangerous driving, my so called solicitor picked dangerous driving.... a 3year disq charge instead of the speeding charge which would of been 6 months... anyhow thats another story.

i end up getting disq for 18 months ..... i go back to the RTA when the disq was over and they refuse me because i had an unserved suspension in which the disq interrupted for accumulation of demerit points over the past couple years.... ok fair enough i sit it out for another 3 months ....

i call the RTA to confirm that after the suspension i will have no problems getting my licence back and everything will be sweet.... yep sure thing love all goood


i go back to the RTA and they tell me im refused AGAIN for demerit points because of a couple of fines they didnt know about and showed up after the 1st time i tried to re apply, BULL****, they showed me the exact same fines the first time!!!!

i get no letter stating that ill get suspended

i get no 28days from suspension to suspension

this is absolute crap.... how the **** do you go from disq to suspended instantly to suspended again instantly?????

do they think suspensions are like lollie bags at a kids party and just give them out like theyre nothing?

i dont care .... just gives me more time to build the calais even more than what i already have :donatello:

does anyone have any idea what i can do? or has ever been in this situation?

oh for the record, my record isnt the cleanest from having a vlct as my first car.... yes on my red ps and no the bonnet did not open for a cop under any circumstance lol so getting off with a clean record is off the books

aus880 18-07-13 21:39

yeah it's all their fault and not yours at all

move overseas mate, that'll show them

12maneym 18-07-13 21:55

dont be a **** on our roads. ive had 4 vl turbos and still have my license and never had trouble with the law.

satansLBO 18-07-13 22:39

that's pretty bad run mate but your going to have to suck it up and catch the bus

dinch 19-07-13 10:25

See a proper solicitor and they'll show you the best way out
Was your solicitors name Louie by any chance?

MuFFiN 19-07-13 11:51


Originally Posted by aus880 (Post 3022153)
yeah it's all their fault and not yours at all

move overseas mate, that'll show them

did lol:D

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