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vlct2010 27-06-13 16:55

vl cruise
Hi guys just letting u kno there a vl cruise being organised on adel vl fb page. 14th july. Meet bunnings mile end at 9:30 for 10:30 leave heading to mt barker then across to melbas choc factory at woodside n then back through lobethal to ttp.

Just thought id put it up ere

Murph 27-06-13 18:17

Might give that a look...

vlct2010 27-06-13 20:02

Yeh come murph b good wanna c ya wagz again;)

MADVLT1 27-06-13 20:12

Cars out of action for a while so won't beable to come.

VLCT88 27-06-13 20:14

I wont be able to make it... I will be in Phuket

MBHSV5 27-06-13 20:17

whats wrong with the MAD VL ?

MADVLT1 27-06-13 20:36


Originally Posted by MBHSV5 (Post 3019268)
whats wrong with the MAD VL ?

Destroyed the triple plate carbon clutch over the weekend to the point of no repair. Motor and box came out lastnight.

MBHSV5 27-06-13 20:46

lol fair enough. what clutch u going for next?

MADVLT1 27-06-13 21:02

Getting the same one. Took it back to where I got it from amd they are replacing it with a new one for a really good price. Pretty much one of the best ones I can get. Just gotta run this one in probably. The old one still worked never slipped the starter motor stripped the gears off the flywheel and all the plates are purple and warped from doing to many 3rd gear powerskids. Can't help myself just does it so easy.

vlct2010 29-06-13 10:42

Haha thats th way!! Well hope some of u guys can make it tho ..

vlct2010 05-07-13 21:53

So how many of u guys thinkin of comin nxt sunday?

chargedvl 08-07-13 21:38

yeah i mite go have a look ill come out the the stato

vlct2010 09-07-13 00:23

Ok no worries cu there

XCHASE 09-07-13 08:02

My VL is broken still. Nothing new lol

vlct2010 11-07-13 22:21

Haha.. thats no good

Murph 12-07-13 13:06

My stater motor in the wagon is still stuffed, havent had time to fix it, see how we go...

vlct2010 12-07-13 18:33

Fingers crossed mate b nice c th wagz out.. ;)

vlct2010 14-07-13 22:29

Was good day.. got lil rain at woodside but overall was good

Murph 15-07-13 11:20

Big turn out? Didn't manage to get the wagon going unfortunately otherwise I would have gone.

tzatziki 16-07-13 17:23

any pics of this cruise?????

vlct2010 16-07-13 22:17

9 vlz n 2 other holdens ... if u go on fb n look up adelaide vl commodore group n add there all pics on there...

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