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gardna 03-06-13 12:39

Clearing a defect with a non turbo motor
Has anyone dropped a na engine in to a turbo vl and cleared a defect. Vehicle standards said I may have to do an application to modify which sounds ridiculous.
Just to clarify I'm not talking about a na motor with a turbo. Just a completely stock na setup.

MUS 03-06-13 14:45

Im not sure how it works in SA, but in VIC if you were to do that you would have to declare the new engine to vic roads. If you have a option to get your mods approved, go for it! No more defects.

gardna 03-06-13 17:10

Long term the plan is to have the car engineered. But there will be a lot of development time to get everything just right so it can get passed. In the meantime it would be easier to drive it to and from workshops, engineers, etc.

VLCT88 03-06-13 21:45

I got my factory calais turbo's defect cleared at regency by dropping an N/A in it but that was around 5 years ago. I didnt change the engine number on the rego papers either.

NASTY1 05-06-13 09:08

when my berlina turbo went into regency they didnt pick up it was still drum brake rear.

but depends on your setup obviously its not standard?

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