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VLCommy88 29-05-13 18:31

Paint codes
Does anyone know the colour codes for the beige interior?

I got to do some touch-ups and can't seem to find them on the internet.

VL-Dan 29-05-13 20:06

You wont find a colour code for the interior plastic...You will have to take them in and get a colour match :)

VLCommy88 30-05-13 01:29

Aight then, thanks anyway.

gold-vlt 30-05-13 16:33

look in the technical section on here. I dont know if these are the option codes or the paint codes.

Interior Trim Codes -
15I Grey - Interior Trim
23I Cerulean - Interior Trim (1986 only)
25I Blue - Interior Trim
65I Sandalwood - Interior Trim
75I Madeira - Interior Trim (1986 only)

BigM22 30-05-13 17:01

I think they're just the option codes

HTURBO 31-05-13 18:15

WOGPSI 20-11-13 20:59

Digging up an old post, I recently got some 15I mixed and its no-where near the same color grey as the dash, its way lighter. 15I is the same color of the series 2 calais seat plastic on the side. anyone know what the dash color paint code is? ill probs just go to a panel shop if no one can help out. cheers

marathon 10-08-18 19:37


Originally Posted by BigM22 (Post 3015079)
I think they're just the option codes

me too, very unique code option ;)

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