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CYNICL 24-01-13 23:47

Anywhere I can get Pin Striping?
Hey guys, sorry to make a thread for this (I tried searching) but I've been trying to find a place that sells red/silver pin striping (6mm/3mm) to put on my Berlina.

I know there is someone on ebay that sells it but $45 for some tape seems like a bit of a rip off... Anyone know any stores that would sell something I can use? I found a store up around Forster when I was on holiday called Pep's auto spares and they had some but not the right widths for me and the local one doesn't stock pin striping at all anymore so I'm at a loss.


xAsh- 25-01-13 00:17

If the stuff on ebay is NOS GM tape then its probably not a bad price at $45.

CYNICL 25-01-13 08:28


Originally Posted by xAsh- (Post 2990973)
If the stuff on ebay is NOS GM tape then its probably not a bad price at $45.

Nah it's not genuine, it's reproduction so I don't think it's worth the price tag. I don't care if I'm using NOS or aftermarket as long as it looks good and doesn't cost heaps because I am on a budget. :P

CYNICL 16-03-13 14:35

Just picked up some pinstripes from autobarn, will see how it goes soon. Had to get red and white because there was no silver but should be alright.

VL00SE 28-03-13 09:04

i found red and silver pin striping on ebay for like 35 dollers, redid the whole car, deffinatly worth the moneys, it was remade not genuine but looks the part

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i looked around also but ebay was the only place i could find it, that 45 doller roll is great, you get much more than you need and it is high quality

CYNICL 28-03-13 09:33

Oh hey I didn't know you were on here, haha. I see your wagon all the time I think your girlfriend lives in my street?

I put my red/white stripes from autobarn on the other day and they turned out really good haven't taken any pics yet though but was worth the money only cost $15 to do the car, and I bought a spare of each role if I ever need to re do it. Definitely recommend the autobarn stripes!

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