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Certification of light vehicle modifications set to change in QLD
Code of Practice: Light Vehicle Modifications

This code of practice has operated in Queensland since the early 1990s and was one of the first codes of practice for light vehicle modifications in Australia. Due to the introduction of the NCOP from 1 November 2012, the Code of Practice – Light Vehicle Modifications will be progressively phased out.

To ensure a smooth move to the NCOP, the department has allowed for a 6 month transition period. This means that until 30 April 2013, modifications to light vehicles that had commenced before the NCOP was introduced, can still be certified under the existing Code of Practice: Light Motor Vehicles.

Please note: From 1 May 2013, the Code of Practice: Light Motor Vehicles will no longer be an approved code of practice for vehicle modifications, and no Approved Person will have approval to issue certifications under this code of practice.

Full story at:

InsaneVL 03-11-12 17:13

Yep... Got my mod plates last week for the VL.

osk 04-11-12 19:43

Well I need mod plates lol, can u get them on a car that is unregistered??

HYPO SR 05-11-12 10:13


Originally Posted by osk (Post 2973297)
Well I need mod plates lol, can u get them on a car that is unregistered??

Yer my escort has bin mod plated and its not running or regod
Hit andy up for the number of the guy who plated psitat

gold-vlt 05-11-12 11:56

So what does this mean? what mods were covered but now may not be under the old code? I've got to get mod plates for a motor, turbo and gearbox i think.. already upgraded the brakes and converted the rear to disc. hope it doesnt affect me much because i'll be cutting it very fine for time.

InsaneVL 05-11-12 17:56

From what my engineer was telling me - you can get a lot more done under the new codes - however...

Whereas under the old codes - you just had say 1 code for "Trans/Gearbox" - you now need several codes for Gearbox, Tailshaft, Shifter, etc. 1 Code for the engine now becomes seperate codes for Engine, exhaust, intake, etc. Fuel system now has several codes for Fuel Tank, Surge Tank, Fuel Lines, etc.

So what used to be 4 codes (eg for mine - Engine, Box, Fuel System, Brakes) would end up with about 16-20 codes. As more paperwork and "proof" needed, what cost me $500 for 4 codes, would now cost about $2k-$3k for all the codes and paperwork.

joe blo 08-11-12 23:54

bout 50

gold-vlt 18-04-13 19:19

Has anyone had their car mod plated recently?

Jim.vl355 18-04-13 20:04

Yer mate I got my car mod plated about 2 months ago why's that?

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PWR 747 18-04-13 20:47

got mine done two weeks ago for cage, trans, diff, brakes and engine. i think i might have been his last one.

Catchme> 18-04-13 21:56

Thanks for the info. Hope I can get someone to come round and mod plate mine. Does anyone have a number for someone I can call that they have used?

TROPPY 18-04-13 22:17

Tim Bartrop 0416 273 582.

Catchme> 18-04-13 23:14


Originally Posted by TROPPY (Post 3007966)
Tim Bartrop 0416 273 582.

First thing in the morning! Can anyone tell me how long the process takes to get the plates as this means I only have 11 days:eek:

gold-vlt 19-04-13 09:01

I'm just asking because i'm a bit worried about this deadline. I don't fully understand how I will be affected if I get my car mod plated after 30/04.

I have spoken to 2 engineers and got different responses.
One said that it would be best to get my engine mod plated under the current older code rather than under the new NCOP and the other said that it doesnt really make any difference and shouldnt affect the price of having the car plated.

He also said that the NCOP will only really affect older cars such as someone wanting to put a V8 into an eh. he reckons "won't happen again". Same as LS engines in vl's etc (according to him).

This is what modifications I have done to my vl wagon: RB25/30, aftermarket Link ecu, r33 manual gearbox, rebuilt diff to turbo spec everything, front mount intercooler, vt front calipers on standard rotors with braided lines all around inc diff and clutch lines.

Also need the car plated for near future mods (is this possible?) that cant be completed by the 30th due to current lack of funds and time.
Under car surge tank and fuel pumps, non factory turbo ie gt35.82, external gate and high mount manifold, battery relocated to cargo area

also the car is currently half stripped for body work/paint, engine box transplant. Does the car have to be all together and/or running to be mod plated?

Can someone please help me out on what I will need to do to get this car mod plated!??

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Originally Posted by PWR 747 (Post 3007949)
got mine done two weeks ago for cage, trans, diff, brakes and engine. i think i might have been his last one.

Would you mind answering some of my questions lol? for example your RB30DET would go under a code for "performance engine that exceeds the power of the original engine by more than 20-50%"

What modifications go under this code? ie does it cover all it's mods, exhaust, intercooler etc? and was the aftermarket ecu mod plated or did you not tell them about it?

PWR 747 19-04-13 12:52

my engine code just covered different engine, similar displacement, and turbo, body is non turbo.
as far as im aware, cant cover computer, well not mine anyway.
I just wanted the main things, was already starting to add up.
I'll pm you some other stuff you asked about.

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