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deanoVLCT 21-11-11 08:43

Backyard mechanic engine removal $$ paid
Hi guys, my mates looking for someone to do a engine removal for him in his Vl, my usual bloke is currently away hence looking for someone else, cash will be paid and may also get a bit of work from us! Pm me please cheers

Psi_Wagon 21-11-11 11:12

what suburb ? and is it a 3L or 5L ?

eren298 22-11-11 02:54

Do you want the mechanic to do it at your place or would you bring it to him? I know a mechanic that could do it, will find out how much he will do it for.

But do you want it done at yours or at his?

SIroller 22-11-11 08:57

5spdvl might be doing cashies. esp since it is uni holidays atm.

deanoVLCT 22-11-11 10:07

Yes I have been in touch with 5spvl, Eren I don't mind, either or can be worked out! I'm gonna attempt it one day myself on a real ****ta lol but at the moment I'm flat out

deanoVLCT 27-01-16 11:17

Anyone interested in doing a turbo conversion and making some $$? Pm me

deanoVLCT 22-07-16 00:01

Bump, anyone want a cashie on engine out and engine in? I just don't have the time!

SIroller 22-07-16 10:17

hey mate seems i dont have your number in my new phone.

if you want to get it to berwick I can recommend a very capable / reasonable young fella. 0412654455.

SII_Turbo 22-07-16 12:52

What kind of $$ are you offering? Where's the car located? is it a VL? RB30?

deanoVLCT 14-09-16 09:40

Thanks again Mitch! Few people contacted me and tried to rip me off, names Arthur not Martha

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