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calais to4 me 05-11-11 11:57

Whats it like
Hey fellas
I have scored up job up your way on a island called Groote Eylandt
Was wondering if you boys/girls could give me some info on what to expect lol

poohkies 28-11-11 17:55

your about to have a life changing experience, there's not alot there and well it's an aboriginal community, the only way to say this nicely is , u arn't getting paid **** loads for nothing :)


bLuj3t 28-11-11 21:05

Wat job is it?

calais to4 me 24-01-12 09:10

**** the humidity is bad up here
just doing some upgrades on the manganese mine
locals are crazy lol

poohkies 11-04-12 18:46

nice :) so u did the move

calais to4 me 21-04-12 16:09

Lasted 6 months
they can have there small island and ***ced rules

poohkies 22-05-12 15:39

so you moved back ?

PROGMH 22-05-12 16:13

lol... tell us what happened

GMHBT1 24-05-12 17:53


Originally Posted by PROGMH (Post 2927336)
lol... tell us what happened

lol i can only imagine it was bad if you packed it in so soon.

what happened ?

calais to4 me 02-06-12 13:52

Hey fellas
Just had enough of ****wit supervisors
There was no such thing as saftey up there and it is a dodgy old plant
Plus we where only 60 hr weeks so money was less then i wanted
Went out on the eylandt exploring and fishing was a massive eye opener to how good this country is

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