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SirGeo 07-07-04 13:03

June/July 2004
Hey everyone, i always thought these newsletters were a good way to let everyone know what's been happening, so i guess Ill continue them.

I'll start with the Obvious, i bought the site, to those that didn't know.. Where have you been for the last month?
Hopefully it came across to me smooth and no one felt any bumps.

A big congratulations to the Guys at Breciani with PANNIC running a 8.9 @ 154 mph with full trim. An awesome effort proving VLs are the kings of the road!

And Congratulations to JPC running 8.61 @161.29mph, proving times can only get better.

Also been getting some good feedback from users about what they want from the site. Hopefully we can implement the changes. Keep letting me know what you want, as you are the ones that use it.

As all of you are hopefully aware of Trader Ratings are now in affect, this will hopefully increase peoples confidence when buying or selling on the site. More info can be viewed here.
Also when filling out a trader rating please make sure to link it to a sale thread when possible, so people have a reference to what was sold/bought.

Have also had some good new sponsor prospects, so hopefully we should have a few new ones helping us out. And to the guys from other states that want more, let me know what you want. If theirs a specific business that you think will help all members in your state, give me the contact details and Ill try my best to get them aboard.

Stats for the month of June.
New user registrations were 229 up by 13.4%,
New threads stayed roughly the same at 1,643,
And new posts totaled 20,425 up by 2.7% for the month.

We've had a huge surge in new members and a majority of old members renewing. For those of you that havent renewed now's the time, and people whod like to join more info can be found here.

I'd like to officially welcome the new members; i hope you all enjoy the lounge :)
OldGold (finally saved the $10 :p )
PSHHHT (sorry :) )
( i know i missed few so if i have let me know)

Cards should hopefully be sent out soon.

Thanks for reading,

vlt-dreamer 07-07-04 13:30

Congrats on the pick up site - good to see it in safe and very capable hands.

"one era ends, a new one begins"

Also a congrats to all the new members -

KILLAB 07-07-04 14:35

i did at one stage too. cant remember when though.
where getting bigger and bigger = )

morepsi 07-07-04 14:37

Seeing as though it's now July, I must say
I hate you all

for two months :D

Kingyvl 07-07-04 18:54

yep another month gone, and it was a good 1.

And thats alot of new members, welcome u lot!

JET-6 08-07-04 00:30

Dave you always hate us?

HDTCAL 08-07-04 00:33

Congrat's Steve:) LOL@Oldgold :D

87calais 08-07-04 09:46

yeah dave, im starting to get a complex about this :(....hehe.

my88vl 12-07-04 14:55

Wow... ya piss off for a month and bloody site is sold... farkin hell aye.

OldGold 13-07-04 05:48

It was $10 well spent ;)

morepsi 13-07-04 14:52

Oh come one, where would I be without you guys, I have one of the largest extended family's because of you guys... the biggest extended family is Petros'... actually anyone who is greek.. they know everyone, or they "have a guy" that do it for you..So no i don't really hate you all.

OVL087 13-07-04 21:35

big cheers to steve

but the most outstanding surprise was old gold becomming a member :)

OldGold 14-07-04 07:45

I know, even I couldn't believe it when I heard the news. :D

I do enjoy popping on here and talking crap with you guys, it's one of the few places on the internet worth a repeat visit

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