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PEAKN-6 28-01-11 16:47

Guard rolling in melbourne?
does anybody know anywhere in melbourne who will be able to roll the lips on my Torana without cracking the paint?

so far everywhere i have called has told me they cant roll them as my diff is shortened and the roller wont reach....

any ideas as i dont preferably want to use a heat gun and rubber mallet and try myself

Phase5 11-02-11 13:19

i suggest you try a panel shop mate. i work in one and we have done a fair few, but take no responsibility for cracked paint. it is quite difficult to do it without cracking, and even the rollers still have a tendency to do the same.

IDAREU 11-02-11 14:07

try low down gaurd rolling. his mobile and comes to you. he did a awesome job on my old calais. didnt crack the paint or anything

Phase5 13-02-11 20:40

hmmmm interesting... must be good if he dont crack paint...
9 times out of 10 you will crack paint. regardless of how good ya are.
industry experience. sorry mate.

BONO 18-02-11 10:21

got a number for low down ???

PROGMH 19-02-11 14:14

I used low down too, he didnt crack paint. He said worst case there's a hairline crack on the fold but he said he doesnt get it very often.

IDAREU 23-02-11 12:39

i got no cracks wats so eva and the car had the original paint on it. i got his number at home i will post it up when i knock off.

IEVLVX 23-02-11 13:41

Instant guard rolling rolled my rear guards!!

Did a great job, no paint cracking or anything!! Highly recommend Troy!!! Located in langwarrin..

Search him up on facebook, instant guard rolling!!

Epitaph 23-02-11 13:47

is that the same dude from instant whitewalls?

IEVLVX 24-02-11 10:24

Yeah it is

DTAIND 24-02-11 11:31

I would highly recomend troy....not only as a bussiness man but also as a mate

known him for quite a while now and watched his customer base explode....and the reason for that is he is a man of good quality work!!

hes guard rolling is of good quality and no cracks what so ever!!

give him a call on 0414 544 317

tell him luke with the skyline sent ya and he will look after you


WNTDVQ 26-02-11 11:06

Gavin is the guy at Low Down Guard Rolling and can be contacted on 0438 892 344.

korey 06-10-14 21:00

Hi my name is korey I am renting out a guard roller machine and a heat gun for $60 a day I am located in Pakenham 0432614863

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