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SirGeo 11-03-10 10:30

Forum Upgrade Possible Downtime This weekend. 13/03/2010
Wow, finally we are upgrading..

After extensive testing from the mods on our test site, and Dazza not being able to break it, I am confident enough in the new software we will install.

By no means is it the latest version of VB.. 4.0.2.. As I don't trust it, and don't really like the look of it yet, and the fact that after 2 days of it being released publicly over 300 bugs were found, and 1 month in 2 patches have been released, with a 3rd on the way....

So we will be going to the last stable version released before the 4.0.


I am aiming to do the upgrade over the weekend beginning friday night, and will endeavour to complete it by Monday. The only downtime I foresee will be Saturday night (after midnight) and/or Sunday night (after midnight)

It shouldn't last more than a few hours, and i'll try have somewhere where everyone can still chat ready for the downtime...

What we need you to do... Nothing...

But please be aware that when the new site does go live it may look a little different until we can get the new skins ready. And there will be some small bugs that we will sort out, so don't fret...

If you do find an issue that we may have overlooked please post in this thread:

Report Bugs/Errors Thread

And I will try to keep a list of what we have found and are working on going.

Most people won't read this, but I thought it would be nice to let people know what's going on, so one Monday when people say "wtf?" I can point them to this announcement/thread :p

88 Chaser 11-03-10 12:32

do we have to have Dazza back?

Raptor 11-03-10 12:37

Dazza sucks

88 Chaser 11-03-10 12:46

you can get out to bogz

GAS747 12-03-10 15:56

go IPBoards its *** awesome :)

vltrb-0 12-03-10 16:00

is dazza actually part of the new upgrade?

Boeing77L 12-03-10 16:00

Excellent to hear! =)

patch 12-03-10 16:01

can we get rid of the majority of queensland users too?

SirGeo 12-03-10 16:30

If VB don't get there act together a move to IPB may be on the cards...

And yes Dazza is a major part of the upgrade, he's checking every single post to see what should come over... one by one..

GAS747 12-03-10 16:45

if I were u, id be seriously considering IPB. its *** awesome!

Bax 12-03-10 16:48

Dazza v3.0

jordy 13-03-10 01:01

Can we please see what's in that dazza forum? I'm ever so curious...

SHIFT 13-03-10 01:41

Is this the episode that we find out dazza is some hot **** that only posts whilst smacked out on Kurt Cobain's blood and stares in the next Jurassic Park movie?

gmh-086 13-03-10 18:45


Originally Posted by patch
can we get rid of the majority of queensland users too?

LOL, man ive seen so many posts of you ripping on QLD'ers you must really f*cking hate em hahaha.

SIKVLT 13-03-10 19:20


Dazza102 16-03-10 09:30

My ears are burning, oh god oh god oh god

VlDUBC 06-04-10 15:33

i would like to request a real photo of dazza

SirGeo 06-04-10 15:57

Trust me, you don't want that....

BT 06-04-10 16:59

can we have more than 25 threads per page when u hit the new post button ....i know its a bit off topic but i think its a good idea ...

SirGeo 06-04-10 17:02

then it becomes to large and slow for people on slower connections/mobile devices..

besides.. when do you read more than 25 threads down the page?

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