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Oliver 05-02-10 00:44

CT WA 2010 BBQ Cruise
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Hey Guys,

Time to get organising for our biggest cruise of the year.

Date: Sunday May 2nd 2010

Meet Points:

North: Whitfords Train Station Car Park - 9am for 9:30am departure
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South: C0ckburn Train Station - Eastside Car Park - 10am for 10:30am departure
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Mandurah Meet Point - Caltex nr Pinjarra Road/Freeway Intersection - 11am for 11:30am
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Bunbury Meet Point - Shopping Centre just off Highway Roundabout (Same as last year) 12:45 for 1:15 (approximate)
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Make sure you are on time as we wont be waiting around for you! I'll work out a Mandurah area meet point shortly.

I will have CT stickers available for purchase at the meet points.

What to bring:

Anything you need for a BBQ - Meat, drinks, BBQ utensils, plates whatever you feel you require
A 'skipper' if your having a few drinks at the bbq
A 2way if you have one for some friendly banter
And most importantly.... YOUR VL

Remember the words of Steve:

No tools
No prangs
No cop attention
No not turning up


Roll Call
Ink & Vendetta
Foxygirl + friends?
Felany + Bunbury guys?

Mattuz 05-02-10 00:55


only one problem, I might not have a VL to drive!
so if anyone would have a spare seat, that would be cool :)

Steve 05-02-10 09:44

Keep that date cos its good for me :D

mike 05-02-10 09:45

Awesome i will definitely have my car rego'd by then, sounds good.

fullsick 05-02-10 10:56

Date is no good for me :(

VLWAGONIT 05-02-10 11:02

il be there

rb25vlt8 05-02-10 11:46

Sound good to me I will be there in my car for sure

VLWAGONIT 05-02-10 11:51


Originally Posted by rb25vlt8
Sound good to me I will be there in my car for sure


Tunzbig 05-02-10 11:53

Sounds sexy Il be sure to be there, Mumbano

Oliver 05-02-10 13:19


Originally Posted by Steve
Keep that date cos its good for me :D

Make sure you dont sleep in this year :rolleyes: :D

ink 05-02-10 18:47

sounds good, i'll be keen!

zaksvl 05-02-10 18:57

ill be there hopefully. ill drag mazza out too.

malpaso 05-02-10 18:58


DETON8 05-02-10 20:50

ill be there def

could do a coast cruise for part of it or somthing like that

zaksvl 05-02-10 21:20

lets do some sort of secenic cruise? stop off at great photography places, be a good chance to get some good photos of all the cars together???? like lakes or ocean . burnt bush. i just dont know of any.

MaZzA 09-02-10 23:36

im coming zak dont u worry
yeha that sounds like a good idea, a photoshoot somewhere

EVL 10-02-10 01:25


Tunzbig 10-02-10 10:29

lancelin :P maybe start off someplace further down and cruise up

zaksvl 10-02-10 18:44

sounds good^^

Steve 10-02-10 18:59

Nah, seriously fcuk Lancelin...

Oliver 10-02-10 19:14

We wont be going to Lancelin thats a boring drive unless its at night ;)

Steve and I will have a few beers an decide on a location, but feel free to throw up ideas.

VLT87Kal 10-02-10 19:17

destination idea-GOldfields?? :P

_vendetta 10-02-10 19:39

lancelin's an awesome drive at night.

Hopefully have my licence back, so we can't go anyhere that will tempt me to do bad things :D

malpaso 10-02-10 22:01

why so good at night

Oliver 10-02-10 22:06

blind dipping turns at night = win

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