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Sin 05-04-04 14:57

April 2004
-Sorry if you received the Newsletter email twice-


Wow .. another month over, 1/4 of the year already ... pretty crazy. Anyway, first congratulations goes to Suad "Choppa" Trtovac for taking back the fastest street registered VL Turbo with a pass of 9.32@148, just edging past PANNIC with 9.340@148mph. Congratulations to Choppa and the RAJAB boys for their efforts with the car.

The Melbourne AutoSalon was on this month, discussion and a few pics and be found here.

The NSW Anzac day cruise is coming up ... read about that here if you're interested. Always a bunch of nice cars showing up for the cruise. Some other states are also organising cruises this month, check out your regional activities over here.

March saw 246 new users to the site, up 25% over last month. There were 1610 new threads (up 15% over last month), and 16760 new posts (up 15%). There were 59411 visits in March (up 15%) and we served 27.5gig of data to feed your addictions (up 13%) - not including any images that are on the site.

There are a couple of good Sponsor prospects which you may here more about through the month.

New Official Members for March were:
White vl bt1


- sin

PS I hate morepsi :D

allthegoodnamesaretaken 05-04-04 15:26

was a good monh to be a member :D

just to beat morepsi.............

i hate you all

EDIT: didnt read as far so i didnt see what sin wrote :(
oh well.

good work mark

OVL087 05-04-04 18:09

another great month

keep up the top work as per usual

XCTMNT 05-04-04 18:46

as u can see im a new member, but im enjoying reading up on this site, chatting to a few ppl

btw... i thought Pannic ran a 9.2 but anyways


Kingyvl 05-04-04 23:35

Yer twas a great month on the forums...keep it up.

vlt-dreamer 06-04-04 14:22

Love ya work Mark, Mods, Admins, Members.....Keep it up...

Seems like the site just keeeps growing and growing :D

Go Bandwidth! :)

Steve 06-04-04 16:48

Hey i paid you before march ended!!! How come i'm not on the list??
Im dissapointed!!


Sin 07-04-04 00:38

I got you down as April, hehe.

Sin 07-04-04 00:39

11236 Sin 15:15, 5th Apr 2004 user.php modify user id = 1302
11235 Sin 15:15, 5th Apr 2004 user.php update user id = 1302
11234 Sin 15:15, 5th Apr 2004 user.php edit user id = 1302

Steve 07-04-04 09:08

nah i really dont give a ****!!!! As long as im a member now :D

poohkies 08-04-04 09:48

due, any idea on when u will post the membership stuff out ???

Sin 09-04-04 13:29

yep on the 16th.

morepsi 10-04-04 15:58

So April is here huh? And people are trying to be funny?

I hate you all :D

barto_85 04-05-04 23:34

I have a question regarding membership... How come the member cards come from the states? is that just where they are printed mark?

vlt-dreamer 05-05-04 07:43

BARTO - think about it mate....LOL

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