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Oliver 31-07-09 17:13

July 2009
Welcome to the July Newsletter.

It’s a busy time on CT with new member’s moderators currently being voted for in the members section.

If you want to become a paying member of click here.

I’d like to welcome the following to the members section.

Gold Members:

Normal Members:

Some site stats for June.

Bandwidth 266.38 GB
Posts 25,693
Threads 2,471
New Regs 384

Top 10 countries/territories that visited the site (out of 134)

1 Australia 91.04%
2 United States 4.60%
3 New Zealand 1.86%
4 United Kingdom 0.55%
5 Canada 0.25%
6 Japan 0.12%
7 Malaysia 0.09%
8 Singapore 0.09%
9 Germany 0.09%
10 Poland 0.06%

Some more stats from Google analytics (for those who are interested)

Where are members are viewing CT.

Attachment 21558

Attachment 21559

Attachment 21560

Operating system and browser %

Attachment 21561

NEW - Drag Section for CT now has a dedicated drag section to showcase the latest and fastest times being run by VL's all over Australia and New Zealand. Click here to check out the lastest.

SA Boys are crossing the border again!

The SA boys are invading VIC again for the SC Holden Drag Nationals any SA, VIC or other states members for that matter interested in entering see the thread here
The last SA v VIC drag day was very well attended with plenty of top quality VL’s running great times on the day.

WA Night Cruise

The WA members had their first night cruise since January which was well attended. Was great to see some good cars get out for a boost through the tunnel and a bit of a drive around town together. Photos can be seen here.

Site Advertisers/Sponsors:

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Thats all for this month, remember if you have any events that you want adding to the newsletter or suggestions please PM me.


87hevn 31-07-09 20:00

nicely done ol... interesting that the US accounts for more visits than NZ

Dazza102 31-07-09 20:11

I'm assuming that would be because its all spammers :p... we get so much spam...

87hevn 31-07-09 20:14

ahh i see daz... too bad, i thought there mite have been some subterranian exclusive cult following of the vl in the US... altho i think there are some guys into the rb30 over there

Oliver 01-08-09 16:22

That 1.86% from NZ is probably Alex on a few different computers ;)

Steve 01-08-09 19:57

Hey Oliver those attachments don't work!!

5spdvl 01-08-09 20:13

Yeah, they all come up with "you don't have permission etc".

87hevn 01-08-09 20:14

lol you will soon timmy

Oliver 01-08-09 20:16

Blame SirGeo :) I'll get them fixed up.

SirGeo 03-08-09 09:16

Fixed! :p

Boeing77L 06-08-09 21:21

Great write up. Some interesting statistics!

5spdvl 06-08-09 22:10

Is that zero people from Greenland?

SirGeo 06-08-09 22:36

yeah looks like it.. why? you were expecting someone to visit us :p

[T]Matty 07-10-09 17:23

im going to start using a greenland proxy.

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