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Sin 31-01-04 15:05

February 2004

Jan's pretty much over and it's time for a leap year February. I'm just about ready to get the stickers done, and I was hoping to get it done before next week but it will have to wait. I am away on work holidays for most of next week/weekend so I might not be on for a while. I will get it ready as soon as I get back.

The biggest thing of the month was the upgrade to the final release of version 3 of vB which has a bunch of great new features. Most people seem pretty happy with it, apart from the first couple of days. There are also a couple of different styles available, a more traditional calaisturbo looking style, and a stock vB3 version.

Last month we welcomed 2 new sponsors, and D. Vinci Computers! has a cool website with some great cruise stuff, and a bunch of good prizes which you can read about here. DVC has some great deals for members which you can read about here.

This month we should also have a couple of new sponsors all sorted out properly. Keep an eye on the Announcements sections for more details.

Memberships were strong this month, and the following members have joined so far this month.


I haven't got to everyone's emails/PMs just yet for the week so I will add you to next month's memberships.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all continue to enjoy the site as much as I do!

- sin

Evan 01-02-04 20:40

Thats a lot of new members, going strong!


vlt-dreamer 02-02-04 07:11

keep it up mate... Great work...Site keeps getting bigger and bigger!

REVENU 02-02-04 18:26

Hey i got a mention yay :D well im sure you've heard it all before mark but the site has been gettin heaps better and now i must say the lovely lads in the members lounge are a load of fun to talk to... so if ya not a member already i suggest ya should become one its not expensive and trust me its a good club to be in!!

Spike 03-02-04 02:45

Keep up the great work Mark & Gavin.

Gotta be the best site around.

I even got it as my homepage.

Cheers Mick ;)

Kingyvl 03-02-04 23:24

Still goin strong for members....good to see.

Yep, can't wait for the new stickers.

Good work!

morepsi 04-02-04 11:23

As I said in the January post.
I hate you all.


Spike 04-02-04 18:28


Originally Posted by morepsi
As I said in the January post.
I hate you all.



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