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Sin 02-01-04 05:44

January 2004
Welcome to 2004. As you have probably already seen, there has been a few changes to the boards lately. Most of the cars have been moved onto the message board and we have also introduced a Readers Rides section. Only members are able to reply to theads in these sections. Anyone can post, however all threads have to be moderated by me first. If anyone posts stupid stuff they will be warned/banned.

I also split up the Events section into a few Regions sub-forums to make things a little more clearer and to hopefully get more people checking out what is happening in their part of the world.

I have also been in discussion with another potenial sponsor and this one could be a great help for some of the Official Members.

I am about to start getting organised with some more stickers which will now read I will prolly make it so Members can pay cost price ($3) for a full sticker and other people will be $5. That's still very cheap. :) I think the idea of putting .au stickers on the end of existing stickers will suck because it will make them off center, and I highly doubt $3 is going to break anyones budget.

We are also slowly getting ready for another merchandise run, stuff like Shirts and maybe hats and some other stuff like Snap-On Tools style car seat covers which have on them. Thanks heaps to Scott (87calais) for all of his great work he has done in getting this stuff organised. The first run of shirts was really good and the next one will be as good if not better.

Welcoming new Official Members For December.
gus (100th Official Member)

Remember, if you are interested in becoming an Official Member, check out this thread.

I think that's about it for now. Any questions or comments let me know by posting here/PM/email.


- sin

vlt-dreamer 02-01-04 06:49

good job Mark....keep it coming....

ps those bloody car seat covers, how long are looking at waiting...LOL

SirGeo 02-01-04 08:40

Just wanted to say good job on keeping the board up to date, looks good and moderated well.

Can't wait till the new merchandise is out.. was asked heaps about where i got my shirt over the break... I might have to buy a few ;)

And welcome to all new members, make sure you post in the members section so we can get to know ya's, it's like a large family in their, as you will notice from most of the threads..

VLRB20DET 02-01-04 10:12

good job mark, keep it up!

Kingyvl 02-01-04 18:09

top stuff mark!

hehehe... Yes we r 1 happy family!

Spike 02-01-04 21:22


Originally Posted by Kingyvl
top stuff mark!

hehehe... Yes we r 1 happy family!

yeah, it is true... one big happy family...

now where's the tarago van... :D

Spike 02-01-04 21:24

Oooops, almost forgot.

Loving the site Mark, keep up the good work bro... ;)

dr00 02-01-04 22:20

havent been able to get on much of late but i love all changes. took me a while to find things at first but its much more organised. nice work.

JET-6 03-01-04 11:23

In the future i will aslo be able to send out memberships, waiting on some cards!

morepsi 03-01-04 17:51

I hate you all...


HDTCAL 03-01-04 17:54

Yeah mark top work dude;)...

coastvl 03-01-04 19:47

It's all good from this end mate!

GMH-3OL 04-01-04 22:58

Mark... I'm sure everyone appreciates your time, effort and dedication that you give towards the survival of the website. Its a tough thing being webmaster, as I was one for my own website (anyone remember a man-utd site :confused: ). Got too much for me (costs/expenses and lifestyle deprivation) and so I gave it up.
You have kept this site going... congrats champ
And all the best for 2004!!! :)

Sin 05-01-04 01:34

Thanks everyone. Just having the boards makes it a lot easier to run it overall, that's for sure.

Boostedcal 06-01-04 16:47

LOL@seatcovers.......Is there a thread which doesnt mention them????hehe

Might do a search...

Top job Mark, and the other behind the scenes personalities.....

morepsi 07-01-04 12:03


Originally Posted by Boostedcal

Top job Mark, and the other behind the scenes personalities.....

yeah I do what i can

vlt-dreamer 07-01-04 12:28


Sin 07-01-04 12:51

hehe Dave you crack me up :D

Spike 07-01-04 23:59


Originally Posted by morepsi
yeah I do what i can

hehehehehehehehehehehehehe... :D

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