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Oliver 24-08-07 02:18

Olivers 86 Calais Turbo Restoration/Rebuild Thread
Hey Guys,

Well the time has finally come for my restoration work to start. I've got a 1986 Series 1 Factory Calais Turbo with leather interior. I've owned it for 8 years and havent really spent much on it. Its all original except for the stereo and sticker, and I still have the original stereo if I want to take it all the way back. Its been daily driven and used to tow the boat and has had a track day out at Wanneroo. (Standard VLT brakes are a bit hairy around there all day.) :)

Seen as now its starting to show its age I have decided to start putting some money into it, so on Tuesday its off to get all the rust removed and prepared for some new paint. :D

A few photos of the rust problem...

I'm also building a new & improved engine, I havent decided if I'm keeping it original or not yet but I'm thinking of going for a sleeper look with the polished calais rims and a decent engine under the bonnet.

I'll keep updating this thread with progress pics etc. If anyone needs any advice or parts (I have plenty of them) send me a PM I'm happy to help people out.


ILLUSIV 24-08-07 10:22

Good stuff mate... Looking forward to seeing how your car turns out!

E-Z 24-08-07 10:31

damn thats ashame about the amount of rust, goodluck!

VLWAGONIT 24-08-07 11:06

bloody ripper...thats alot of rust :(

ATMO_BT1 24-08-07 11:17

nothing a couple of new panels won't fix... bring on the rebuild!

1sickvl 24-08-07 11:26

Nice boat got any pics?

EVL 51R 24-08-07 12:06

hahaha pete aka rex hunt gets a woody over the boat

mike 24-08-07 12:47

will be looking shmick again soon!

burgo88 24-08-07 13:15

thats a tornament yeah?? i fit those boats out at hayway haha well till they changed their name :) gluck with the car,, lotsa skin cancer to fix $$$$$

kalais6 24-08-07 13:34

Good on ya Oli, will be good to see the car looking mint man. Thats a lot of rust but the end result when its all fixed will look the goods.

Good Luck man

HoldenOn 24-08-07 13:51

That is alot of rust Oliver. After living with that for a few years, the difference after all the removal of the rust will probably be a welcome change on your behalf. Hope it goes well and look forward to seeing more progress pics.

Gremlinz 24-08-07 19:47


Rust: the cheap man's weight reduction


seductive 24-08-07 21:03

Good luck oli... cant wait to see the finish project. go the sleeper.

72 of 150 25-08-07 14:03


Good work ol!!

Nice to see you have committed to the VL. 8 years is a good haul plus the next 2 or so you will spend building it... then the years of enjoyment post build!!

I say keep with the original theme - love the burgundy colour scheme (wish i still had my burgundy one :( ), leather mmmmm but with a swish donk ;)

Catch up soon!


MrSquigle 25-08-07 17:33

Good luck with the build. Looks like this beast has been for a swim with that boat. it would be great to see some step by step repair pics on this car.

genki 25-08-07 18:02


its a vl and once u start doing it up... the rust wouldve been the smallest of ur problems ;)

this car is sik and i heard its damn good on fuel.... goodluck! :D

Oliver 25-08-07 18:08

Thanks for the comments guys, fair bit of work but I think it will be worth it in the end! I'll get some pics of the new engine etc up as well for you to have a look at.

Burgo88: Yeah its a Tournament :)

Stevie: Yeah keeping the original colours, the champagne colour in the door moulds looks awesome in decent light.

Oliver 28-08-07 12:37

Just got back from dropping the car off with Gary @ Malaga Rust Repairs. Anyting that is rusty is getting removed fixed properly and ready for new paint. Decided to go to a one piece seal as they fit a lot better then the standard seal. :)

He's taking progress pics for me so I'll post them up as I get them....

Here is a photo of the new engine, genuine A8 block, that cam is only a standard turbo one, wont be using it will be going aftermarket.

Still a long way to go but will be awesome when finished!

72 of 150 28-08-07 18:38

Its started man - thats all that counts at this point!!

You've got the motor to work on too - whilst the body is getting done!

Oliver 04-09-07 14:55

Just went and had a look at the car, its looks awesome! Nearly done so should be able to cruise on Friday night :)

72 of 150 04-09-07 16:20


thats crazy good progress!!

fullsick 04-09-07 17:41

Wow that happend fast, congrats, it's looking good.

trypsi 04-09-07 19:22

Did they do it in metal or bog? very fast job.

Oliver 04-09-07 19:55


Originally Posted by trypsi
Did they do it in metal or bog? very fast job.

Its all metal. When I pick it up Thursday I'll post up the progresss pics they took while they were doing all the work. I was looking at the old boot channel panel this morning picked it up and it crumbed in my hand, was slightly buggered :D

MaZzA 04-09-07 21:41

can u let me know how much the rust repair was
send a pm if u want
im looking at getting my front window done very soon

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